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Tetralogy of Fallot is one of congenital cyanotic heart disease that is mostly found in children. Makalah ini membahas penatalaksanaan gigi dan mulut dalam. Makalah Tetralogy Of Fallot. Tetralogy of fallot merupakan kelainan jantung bawaan. Makalah ini akan membahas mengenai diagnosis dan tatalaksana dari . SA (sFnosis aorta), TGA (transposisi art€ri-aneri besar), dan TF. (Tetralogi Fallot) .r Penyakit janlung bawaan yang paling sering dijumpai adalah defek septum.

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However there are “pink tets” in which the degree of obstruction in the right ventricular outflow tract is low.

Tetralogi Fallot – Bahan

The caregivers need to be aware of the possibility of a multistage repair and repeated surgeries and catheterizations. Anatomic findings in tetralogy of Fallot. In these individuals, there is complete right to left shunting of blood. An intraosseous insertion could be an immediate lifesaving tool.

Symptoms of Tetralogy Of FallotThese defects result in decreased blood flow to the lungs and circulation of blue unoxygenated blood to the body tissues; both of these effects cause bluish skin cyanosisclubbing bulging of the nailbeds of the fingers and toes, shortness of breath, and extreme fatigue.

Trombosis pulmonal Trombosis disebabkan karena meningkatnya viskositas darah yang disebabkan oleh polisitemia. Program olah raga 2. Limitations of Diffusion of Innovation Diffusion of teralogi theory is often simplified to concentrate solely tftralogi a product or innovation.

Admit for testing and surgical intervention. Increased cardiac output and increased peripheral resistance increase blood pressure. These spells can be aborted with relatively simple maaklah. Post on Nov 65 views. Produces vasodilation and increases cardiac output. This is known as a right-to-left shunt. Riwayat Kesehatan Lalu khusus untuk anak usia 0 — 5 tahun 1.


Prognosis probable outcome with surgery is good. Tatalaksana radang paru kalau ada. Konsep Klinis Proses-Proses Penyakit.

Waktu senggang klg Saat Sakit 5. Wide variation exists in the basic anatomic morphology, pathophysiology, clinical signs and symptoms, and surgical methods of therapy. If right ventricular outflow tract obstruction is severe, the mortality rate is high without palliative or corrective surgery.

Konsep-Askep Tetralogi of Fallot – PDF Free Download

Ebstein malformation of the tricuspid valve Pulmonary atresia Ventricular septal defect Pseudotruncus arteriosus Lab Studies: Caution in elderly patients, hyperthyroidism, myocardial disease, bradycardia, partial heart block or severe arteriosclerosis; in hypovolemia, not substitute for replacement of blood, fluids and electrolytes, and plasma these should be restored promptly when loss has occurred Section 8 of 11PrecautionsFOLLOW-UPAuthor Information Introduction Clinical Differentials Workup Treatment Medication Follow-up Miscellaneous Pictures BibliographyFurther Inpatient Care: Patients receive antibiotics before dental or surgical procedures bacterial endocarditis prophylaxis.

Perdarahan Bayi dengan sianosis disertai dengan lamanya polisetimia akan mengakibatkan trombositopenia dan kelainan pembekuan darah. Stroke and brain abscess are natural corollaries. Once the child is past infancy, corrective open heart surgery is performed.

Tetrallogy of Fallot – [Download PDF]

Patients with residual right ventricular dysfunction or pulmonary hypertension are advised to avoid pregnancy because it carries significant mortality risk. Infants who are born with multiple systemic-to-pulmonary collaterals and are in cardiac failure because of pulmonary overcirculation require caloric supplementation to establish a normal growth pattern. It is associated with chromosome 22 deletions and diGeorge syndrome. Frekuensi minum Normal Berkurang 3. Oximetry is particularly tetrapogi in the dark-skinned patient or the anemic patient whose level of cyanosis is not apparent.

Pemeliharaan kesehatan gigi dan THT, pencegahan endokarditis. Depending on response, administer adult doses at increments of mg, no sooner than tetralgoi after previous dose, until desired diuresis occurs. Use the open-end of a cannula or tube.

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Konsep-Askep Tetralogi of Fallot

SITE To ensure the functioning of the site, we use cookies. Right ventricular outflow tract obstruction, a narrowing at or just below the pulmonary valve. It is the most common cyanotic heart defect; nearly 3, new cases a year occur in the U. Ventricular septal defect hole between the right and tetralog ventricles Narrowing of the pulmonic outflow tract tube that connects the heart with the lungs An aorta tube that carries oxygenated blood to the body that arises from both ventricles, rather than exclusively from the left ventricle A thickened muscular wall of the tetarlogi ventricle right ventricular hypertrophy There is flow of deoxygenated blue blood into the general body circulation and decreased blood flow to the lungs.

Kepala dan rambut Kepala: Dexter ke pulmo Do: Rencana Asuhan Dan Dokumentasi Keperawatan. Typical findings on postoperative ECG for tetralogy of Fallot.

Prevention There is no known prevention. Tetralogy tetralgi Fallot TOF is a complex of anatomic abnormalities arising from the maldevelopment of the right ventricular infundibulum. Diagnosis of Tetralogy Of FallotThe condition is suspected on the basis of the child’s symptoms and a physical examination.

Total surgical repair initially carried a high mortality risk, but this has consistently improved over the years. Your consent to our cookies if you continue to use this website.

Imunisasi TT kali 6.