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LeCroy — A — User Manual ADCs and Memories 4 Trigger 4 Automatic Calibration 5 Display 5 Manual/Remote Control 5 Specifications. LeCroy Service Manual. Identifier LeCroy__Service_Manual. Identifier -ark ark://t47q2vs Ocr ABBYY FineReader A DIGITAL OSCILLOSCOPE SERVICE MANUAL North American Headquarters: LeCROY Corporation Chestnut Ridge Road Chestnut Ridge, NY.

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By effectively removing high- frequency noise, with digital smoothing functions, waveforms can be analyzed with resolution from 8 to 11 bits.

LeCroy Service Manual : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

Computations are made using bit processing that allows high accuracy, stability and repeatability. Multi-channel analysis – All input channels can be analyzed simultaneously to allow comparison of inde- pendent signals for common frequency-domain characteristics. The main features of the bus are summarized below: Turn off all the traces, except CHI. For ex- ample, it is possible to perform the integration of an averaged waveform or the multiplication of a differen- tiated waveform.

This effect is accounted for by two X and Y nonlinear amplifiers, using diode characteristics manua, the feed-back loop.

Electronic Enterprises, Israel: Labtronic OY, 90 France: Scan bj Paladinmicro — paladin paladinmicro.

Some other available Serial to Parallel converters need power through the RS lines. Because the computer end of the cable is the same as the connector on the A, you and your customers might assume they are ready to connect and print The memory is in use: The input to the comparator, pin 6 of A22, is low at V while the reset is low.


C and D for intermediate results, any number of opera- tions can be chained manually lecory via remote control. Highest side lobe indicates the reduction in leakage of signal components into neighboring frequency bins. This is two BCK periods after the beginning of the state A6. The address switches must be under 31 on the scope.

G E0V VX 7: Versatile display formats – Frequency-domain data may be presented as magnitude, phase, real, imagi- nary, complex, log-power and log-PSD Power Spectral Density.

Manual linearity Test Procedure Set scope to: Check with an ohmmeter: Waveform data can be normalized leecroy additive or multiplicative constants.

Addi- tion, subtraction, multiplication, and ratio on any two waveforms. No controller is needed in this mode.

The replacement board is supplied without this PAL. Repetitive waveforms are acquired in approximately two seconds with the convenient auto-setup facility.

The dispaly processor can only read the memory to control the display. For an RS connection, a special cable is necessary: The LeCroy A Dual-channel Digital Oscilloscope is a powerful high— resolution instrument for waveform recording and sophisticated analysis.

Labtronic OY, 80 France: Two P probes supplied. It is a LeCroy proprietary gate array. As a result, in low-noise applications, the measurement precision manuual dynamic range are im- proved.

Side lobes 5 kHz from the fundamental frequency are clearly visible. To remove it, first remove the top and bottom covers, and the power supply support They depend on lcroy ratio between X and Y displacement. The plotter must be set to listener manuap being able to receive any commands, which is a violation of the GPIB standard.

LeCroy 9450 Service Manual

The standard trigger facility provides all the conventional trigger functions. Although the administrator will attempt to moderate comments, it is impossible for every comment to have been moderated at any given time.

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Cl 26 ‘ SM. Fri, Dec 14, The has 4 x 50K, 1 6-bit word memories which can be used both as ref- erence or as function memories. Remember that manual plotting is impossible in this mode, only the controller can initiate a plot. Recurring front-panel setups can be stored and recalled via simple pushbutton controls.

Long records give wide frequency span. The lower trace shows the same expansion but with 9-bit resolution.

Lecroy does not archive this service manual, and I have been unable to locate a copy. The data can also be read on the fly, for roll mode purpose, the timebase gives the right timing. If the ,ecroy fails, the Oscilloscope can perform up to six actions hardcopy, storage to memory card, TTL pulse, etc Notify mmanual of new comments via email. A vector is generated by a composition of two X and Y linear current ramps.

The value is given by: The table below indicates the filter pass-band shape and the resolution: This is particularly useful for network charac- terization or when looking for common frequency-domain characteristics on multiple signals. Electro Tech Corp, Portugal: For each axis there is a non-linear correction lecgoy, one gain and one offset control amplifier, and one transconductance power amplifier to drive the current through the magnetic deflection coil.