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THE subject of the Inspiration of the Bible is one which has been much . to our own Charles Hodge and Henry B. Smith, the one of whom asserts that the Bible. Archibald Hodge and Benjamin Warfield published this article together in The Presbyterian Review 6 (April ). It quickly drew notice for its scholarly and. It seemed fitting then to highlight this little gem from the modern grand-daddies of the doctrine of Inspiration, Archibald Hodge and B.B. Warfield.

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Notify me of new comments via email. Inspjration it may be justly expected that the chief classes of relevant objections should be briefly touched upon. We do not erect inspiration into an end, but hold it to be simply a means to an end, viz. The events recorded by Matthew are: On occasion it summoned all needed divine influences and suggestions, and it sealed the entire record, and all its elements, however generated with the imprimatur of God, sending it to us as His Word.

Inspiration securing no more than this — truthsimple truth — no phenomenon warfiels be urged against verbal inspiration which cannot be proved to involve an indisputable error. Thoughts are wedded to words as necessarily as soul to body.

About the same number of foreign cities are named, and all equally accurately. The critical examination of all the most intimate phenomena of the text of Scripture is an obvious duty, and its results, when humility, docility, and spiritual insight are added to competent learning and broad intelligence, must be eminently beneficial.

Each sought knowledge, like all other authors, from the use of his own natural faculties of thought and feeling, of intuition and of logical inference, of memory and imagination, and warifeld religious experience. Baker Book House December Language: Nor should we ever allow it to be believed that hodgf truth of Christianity depends upon any doctrine of inspiration whatever. The Scriptures have been generated, as the Plan of Redemption has been evolved, through an historic process.


Judas of Galilee, [Barabbas]. This superintendence attended the entire process of the genesis of Scripture, and particularly the process of the final composition of the record.

And, finally, a tacit denial be made of the possibility of truth subsisting through differences in choice of incidents arising from the diverse points of view of the two writers. Latest from For The Church incompletely reformed thoughts on God, ministry, and life.


Sanday, in his excellent classification of New Testament quotations as to their form, 24 cites two passages only which can be plausibly asserted to be cases of warfiield ascription, viz.: The wqrfield which was senatorial to-day was imperial to-morrow, — the boundaries that were fixed to-day were altered to-morrow.

And it is abundantly plain that it must be shown to be impossible to harmonize any two statements on any natural supposition, before they can be asserted to be inconsistent.

Spiritual illumination is very different from either revelation or inspiration, and yet it had under the providence of God a large share in the genesis of Scripture, contributing to it a portion of that divine element which makes it the Word of God.

The first of these ought not to present any difficulty. Annunciation to Zachariah; 2. This is at present the most momentous question which agitates the believing world. On the other unspiration, the defenders of the strictest doctrine of Inspiration should cheerfully acknowledge that theories as to the authors, dates, sources, and modes of composition of the several books, which are not plainly inconsistent with the testimony of Christ or His Apostles as to the Old Testament, or with the apostolic origin of the books of the New Testament, or with the absolute truthfulness inspirtaion any of the affirmations of these books so authenticated, cannot in the least invalidate the evidence or pervert the meaning of the historical doctrine of Inspiration.

Inspiration by Archibald Hodge, Benjamin B Warfield, Roger R Nicole ·

The latter may fairly be required qarfield furnish positive and conclusive evidence in each alleged instance of error, until the presumption has been turned over to the other side. Circumcision of Jesus eight days after ; See in general, Lee, on Inspiration, p. The authenticity, genuineness, and historical credibility of the records included in our Bible.

It is important that distinguishable ideas should be connoted by distinct terms, and that the terms themselves should be fixed in a definite sense. The moral and spiritual character of the revelation which the Scriptures convey of God, of the Person of Christ, of the Plan qarfield Redemption, and of the law of absolute righteousness, and the power which the very words inspiratioon the Record, as well as the truths they express, inpiration exercised over the noblest men, and over nations and races for centuries; this is the characteristic self-demonstration of the Word of God, and has sufficed to maintain the unabated catholicity of the strict doctrine of Inspiration through all changes of time and in spite of all inspiratkon.


Nor could it have taken place in Palestine in the time of Herod. Amazon Restaurants Food delivery from local inspirtion. Other words and phrases might be equally adequate; — might furnish a clearer, more exact, and therefore better expression, especially of those truths which were subordinate or incidental for the original purpose of the writing.

And in nature we can trace this all the way from the instinct of the bee, which works mechanically, to the magic play of the aesthetic instincts which largely constitute the genius of a great artist. In other words, briefly, quotation appeals to the sense, not the wording of a previous document, hode appeals to it for a definite and specific end; any dealing with the original is therefore legitimate which does not falsify its sense in the particular aspect needed for the purpose in hand.

But hogde illustration is good simply to show that as a matter of fact, God does prompt from within the spontaneous activities of His intelligent creatures, leading them by unerring means to ends imperfectly discerned by themselves; and that this activity of God, as in instinct or otherwise, does not in anywise reveal itself, either inspiratin consciousness, or in the character of the action to which it prompts, as interfering with the personal attributes or the free rational activities of the creature.

This word, which has often been made the occasion of strife, is in itself indefinite, and its use contributes nothing, either to the precision or the emphasis of the definition.

Fisher most wisely rests his charge against the complete harmony of the four Evangelists, viz: That any adaptation of the original to the purpose in hand is allowable, so long as it proceeds by a true exegesis, and thus does not falsify the original.