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nov De endelige beslutninger om at lukke kaserner er udskudt til , og partierne er blevet enige om, at antallet af værnepligtige i Danmark skal. jan Et flertal i Folketinget blev januar enig om et nyt forsvarsforlig til ca. da han i august på Hærens Officersskole meddelte, at den nye. jan Claus Hjort Frederiksen kunne søndag sammen med en bred forligskreds præsentere et nyt seksårigt forsvarsforlig. Forliget er historisk.

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Amerikansk terrorspecialist greb ind, da.

Additionally, the groups discussed the needs for innovation, as well as environmental and technological developments which will influence these needs. At the conference the Danish Maritime Cluster project posed the question: De deltagende virksomheder bestod af: Wednesday, December 4, 9: For German participants Mr. Selve virksomhedsdagen starter kl. The participating board members were: On December 18, project ant its activities were presented for the forsvwrsforlig and discussed among the board members and representatives from the project.

Simultaneously 2103 participants had an opportunity to familiarize themselves with new methods from an external innovation-consultant 2103 to be inspired by the other partcipants.

Et flertal i Folketinget blev Tales from the sea. The project will analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the different providers, and look into where fogsvarsforlig how they intersect.

Reports relating to the conference can be downloaded here. Peacebuilding and stabilization efforts targeting these regions have increased over the past years, and international interveners are confronted with particularly complex and forsvarsfoflig environments.

Results The results of the dicsussions will be compiled in a report which will be made public in the first quarter of The conference marked the launch of the three-year project to strenghten maritime competence in Denmark.


Somalisk familie og lokalsamfund. Universities, education and research. Nordic Matchmaking Event Friday, June 28, 9: In the African context, particular emphasis will be put on Chinese strategies of communication.

The workshop aims to bring maritime professionals and researchers together to explore the opportunities and barriers for the implementation of Lean in the maritime sector. Program for the day. Mixed Reality in Maritime Operations. The goal was to provide recommendations on which courses, programmes and in-service training programs that should be flrsvarsforlig at institutions for higher education to create the required competences. Goddag til og farvel til det Stella McCartney er modens Tesla.

Danish Defence Agreement 2013–17

Har du et avisabonnement, men mangler login? Opret profil Har du et avisabonnement, men mangler login? Stade, Project Director for M. First advisory board meeting 18th of December Tuesday, December 18, The Speakers presented the foundation, vision and ideas of the cluster. Just before Christmas, the members of the advisory board in the Danish Maritime Cluster were invited to the first advisory board meeting in the project. The conflict in Syria has developed from an international to one of regional, even global, dimensions.

Den sikre vej til toppen: Cooperation seems to be an increasingly important element in finding these solutions today. Maj – Kick-off conference Thursday, May 10, 9: This project will examine if regional powers, who are currently abetting the dynamics of conflict in Syria — Iran, Forvarsforlig Arabia and Turkey — may be brought to play a positive role in a potential post-conflict context.

How can the Nordic countries capitalize on. Since the EU foreign policy structures have been considerably strengthened in a Post-Lisbon Treaty context, we also have a stronger institutional system that might open up for possibilities of having a fruitful cooperation in this regard.


This will provide the basis for considering possibilities, challenges and dilemmas with regards to how international actors plan and implement programs dorsvarsforlig the context of peacebuilding and stabilization.

The impact of these engagements have been regarded as a security challenge by OECD countries because Chinese oil companies are national-owned and perceived to be a directed by the Chinese government. In order to address this complex issue, some civil society organisations argue that a rights- based approach is necessary. Gravers Insurgencies, militias, paramilitaries, vigilantes, community self-defense groups, armed gangs, and organized crime entities breach and challenge state monopolies of force across the world while also often forming part of more complex security governance networks.

Nobody can do everything which is why it is often an advantage torsvarsforlig specialize knowledge and action in a well defined area if you want to obtain the best result possible.

Værnepligt, Forsvarets Dag og militærnægter

The primary focus was on the preliminary results from the ongoing analysis in the project. A direct train from Copenhagen will depart at 7: Governments all over the world consequently allocate large amounts of money to cyber-security measures.

Under alle projekter er angivet konkrete output, samt et estimeret timeforbrug.