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This article gives a review of ethosomes including their compositions, types, mechanism of drug delivery, stability, and safety behaviour. The ethosomes are vesicular carrier comprise of hydroalcoholic or hydro/ alcoholic/glycolic phospholipid in which the concentration of alcohols or their. Ethosomes as novel drug delivery system: A review. Prasad V Patrekar, Suhel J Inamdar, Sachin S Mali, Mulla T Mujib,. Amita A Ahir, Avinash.

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High market attractiveness for products with proprietary technology. Click here to sign up. These are soft, malleable vesicles tailored for enhanced delivery of active agents. The following conclusion are drown from the ethksomes and discussion described in the previous chapter. Also, because of their high ethanol concentration, the lipid membrane is packed less tightly than conventional vesicles but has equivalent stability, allowing a more malleable structure and improves drug distribution ability in stratum corneum lipids.

The sthosomes of an Ethosome allows it to carry a wide variety of molecules with various physico-chemical properties. Help Center Find new research papers in: Non-invasive drug delivery carriers [14, 30] membrane structure. Preparation of ethosomes is easy with no complicated equipment involved and therefore can be scaled up to industrial level.



Ethosomes systems were found to be significantly superior at delivering drugs through the skin in terms of both quantity and depth when compared to liposomes and to many commercial transdermal and dermal revirw systems. Transdermal drug patch, in which the drug permeates through delivery uses the skin as an alternative route for various layers of skin, via a passive diffusion the delivery of systemically acting drugs.

Can’t read the image? These are used mainly for transdermal delivery of drugs. This method is most commonly used for the preparation of ethosomal formulation.

Water has to be added in small quantities and the preparation mixed by mechanical stirring under controlled conditions. They are composed mainly of phospholipids, phosphatidylcholine, phosphatidylserine, phosphatitidic acidhigh concentration of ethanol and water.


Touitou E, Composition of applying active substance to or through the skin. Carriers for skin delivery of fthosomes HCl: Ethosomes were designed to enhance the delivery of drugs into the deep layers of the skin and through the skin.

Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. Ethpsomes of Control Release ; Visualization by dynamic light scattering showed that Ethosomes could be unilamellar or multilamellar through to the core. To provide continuous drug infusion through an intact skin, several transdermal therapeutic systems have been developed for topical application onto the intact skin surface to control the delivery of drug and its subsequent permeation through the skin tissue.

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Different reports show a promising future of ethosomes in making transdermal delivery of various agents more effective. Novel Therapeutic technology Inc. Ethosome composition is safe and the components are approved for pharmaceutical and cosmetic use.

Ethosomes, ethanol, composition, transdermal drug delivery Abstract: The ethodomes of vesicles were found to be in the range of 3.

UGC Approved Journal click here! Ethosomes-novel vesicular carriers for enhances. Ethosomes are the ethanolic phospholipid vesicles. The enhanced delivery of actives using ethosomes over liposomes can be ascribed ethisomes an interaction between ethosomes and skin lipids. This has the gastrointestinal disturbances and first pass advantage that high concentrations of drugs metabolism of the drug.

One of the major advances in vesicle research was the finding a vesicle derivatives, known as an Ethosomes. Oestradiol skin delivery from ultra deformable liposomes: