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CCNA 3 Final Exam Answers (v+v) – Scaling Networks 1. A network designer is considering whether to implement a swit. The quiz below is designed to help you with the CCNA 3 final exam. Give it a try and get to know what to expect come exam time. CCNA3 v – Exam Answers – Online Assessment (April, ). CCNA3 v ( CCNA Scaling Networks) is the latest update that we have collection since till April We have verify with the Practice Final · Online.

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CCNA 3, Final Exam Quiz

However, host H1 cannot communicate with H2. The new switch has a VTP revision number of 4. What action will the router take? It uses ICMP messages in order to assign the default gateway to hosts. Removing question excerpt is a premium feature.

CCNA3 v – CCNA v Exam

What will occur within the network? The configuration shows commands entered by a network administrator for inter-VLAN routing. What is the term that is used for the area of a network that is affected when a device or network service experiences problems? I agree to the Terms of Services and Privacy Notice. The router has not established any adjacencies with other OSPF routers.

CCNA 3 v6.0 Exam Answers 2018 score 100%

A higher cost for an OSPF link indicates a faster path to the destination. A network administrator is planning to add a new switch to the network. Currently all switches are using the default bridge priority value. One interface becomes an active link for data traffic and the other becomes a backup link.


Its topology table contains two feasible successors to the same network. The routers are unable to form a neighbor adjacency. Removing ad is a premium feature. When the connection to the successor of the destination network fails and there is no feasible successor available.

The switch configuration must be saved and the switch reloaded to reset a configuration revision number. What two pieces of information are indicated from the exhibited output? What does this configuration consist of? Implement the command network Survey Maker Flashcards See All. Which command provides common information relevant to fibal types of devices?

Which statement describes a feature that is associated with HSRP? Give it a exxm and get to know what to expect come exam time. Title of New Duplicated Quiz:. A small company network has six interconnected Layer 2 switches.

It decreases the size of the failure domain to contain the impact of failures. There are no interarea routes in the routing table for network Select a Match generated by all routers and flooded within an area generated by the DR on a multiaccess segment and flooded within an dinal generated by Wxam and send between areas generated by ABRs and send between areas to advertise the location of an ASBR none.

Which switch will be elected the root bridge and which switch will place a port in blocking mode? Not all options are used.

CCNA 3 v Exams & Answers

The network administrator configures both switches as displayed. Select a Match priority 4 priority 3 none priority 2 priority 1. What is the primary advantage of deploying a switch block? This is network application software that prevents the failure of a single network device. What is the result of this command being issued on a Cisco switch?


When EtherChannel is configured, which mode will force an interface into a port channel without exchanging aggregation protocol packets?

From the output in the exhibit, what is the problem? However, none of the users from ginal Which route or routes will be advertised to the router ISP if autosummarization is enabled? VTP-enabled switches exchange three types of advertisements: It is a globally unique autonomous system number that is assigned by IANA. A company has migrated from single area OSPF to multiarea.

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Which routing protocol is able to scale for large networks and utilizes non-backbone areas for expansion? Refer to the exhibit.