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Enrico Bucci, Temple University, Biology Department, Adjunct. Studies CONTROLLO DI NANOMACCHINE MEDIANTE CAMPI ELETTROMAGNETICI more. Ovidio M. Bucci, Franceschetti, G., Lezioni di Campi Elettromagnetici e Circuiti, 4, Antenne, –, Liguori, Naples, Italy, Kouyoumjian, R. G., P. H. De Leo (Università Politecnica delle Marche), Ovidio M. Bucci (Università di Napoli Giorgio Barzilai, professore di Campi Elettromagnetici presso l’ università.

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While most deal with the discovery of misbehavior and punishment of those researchers recognized as guilty, there were few attempts to work on Medicoand Daniela Cantarella. This kind of structures is of particular interest for the development of elettromsgnetici nanomaterials with many desirable properties as well as of new ODN-analogues for biotechnological applications.

Synthesis of Novel L-diamino acid-based cationic peptides for biomedical applications more. A case example more. Monitoring changes in the spectroscopic properties of ODN nanoconjugates more. From nature, through chemical synthesis, towards the use of nucleobase-containing amino acids in biotechnology more. Indirect evidence for the hypothesis that fraudulent image manipulations are indeed increasingly common comes from the U. Help Center Find new research papers in: Recombinant HDGFRP3 inhibited migration of endothelial cells in a modified Boyden chamber experiment, while cell survival was not affected.

Tommaso Isernia

Which is the most appropriate pu- nishment? While most deal with the discovery of misbehavior and punishment of those researchers recognized as guilty, there were few attempts to work on the side of prevention, mostly focused on education. Circahowever, the scientific community buvci aware of a florid Chinese market connected to the sale of authorship in international scientific papers, mainly powered by researchers struggling to publish something at whatever cost.

Analysis of Scortichini et al. Pierri, The phase retrieval in near zone as a non linear inverse problem: Targeting regulatory RNA regions to interfere with the biosynthesis of a protein is an intriguing alternative to targeting a protein itself. Journal of peptide science. Synthesis and characterization of new gamma-nucleo peptides based on a diaminobutyric acid moiety more.

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Effect of lengthening of peptide backbone elettromaghetici insertion of chiral?

Soldovieri, Methods for the optimal focusing of microstrip array antennas including mutual coupling”Iee proceedings. Synthesis, biological evaluation and supramolecular assembly of novel analogues of peptidyl nucleosides more. He is image editor in charge of integrity checking of figures to be published by some biomedical journals Elettromagntici group and others. Far-field reconstruction from phaseless near-field data on a cylindrical helix S Costanzo, G Di Massa Journal of Electromagnetic Waves and Applications 18 8, Alice is an engineer who ventures into elettromagetici research world of life sciences.

The search for new oligonucleotides with improved properties represents an important step for the development of oligonucleotides as powerful biomolecular tools, antisense and antigene agents, molecular probes and biosensors.

However, after reading the paper I have several doubts on the real efficacy In an attempt to overcome these limitations, we focussed on the analysis of the figure captions contained in the scientific literature.

PNA targeting the 5′-non traslated region of Coxsackievirus B3 more. However, clinical efficacy of RTK inhibitors is limited by intrinsic and buccu resistance. However, its downstream effectors are poorly understood. The stem of stemloop D is in an all-helical conformation and includes a central base paired triple pyrimidine U: Schirinzi, Synthetic aperture radar imaging from phase corrupted data”Iee proceedings.

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Enrico Bucci | Temple University –

DJ-1 is a mitochondrial protein linked to Parkinson’s disease. In additi on, this type of DNA mimic is not degraded by nucleases and proteas es and was shown to have both good antisense and antigene activity.

In this work a novel approach to identify new therapeutic targets consisting of serum proteins which contain an oligonucleotide binding domain is presented. Theoretical Biology and Medical Modelling. Preliminary report on a radiofrequency controlled biosensor more. This article discusses how the authors see the role of systems and computational biology as a fundamental methodological “middle-ground” between these two apparently distant worlds.


Skip to main content. Institut Pasteur Publication Date: Selected cells displayed robust and reproducible enrichment of library-derived cDNAs encoding truncated forms of RAF1 and BRAF proteins, whose silencing reversed the resistant phenotype. Xylella and Xylella Fastidiosa. The results obtained by studying the interaction of such PNA with their RNA target, the entrance into the cell and the viral inhibition are herein presented.

Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. Changes in the two-dimensional electrophoresis Nevertheless, the protein promoted angiogenesis in vitro, as assessed through vascular sprouting and tubulogenesis assays. Introducing an unbiased software procedure for image checking in a large research institution more.

Trusting each other experimental findings is the usual habit of researchers in every discipline — and I used to perceive errors in Science as honest or due to sloppy science, not to some bad and concealed purpose.

Giuseppe Di Massa – Google Scholar Citations

With the advent of software for digital image manipulation, however, even photographic reproductions of experimental results may be easily altered by researchers, leading to an increasingly high rate of scientific papers containing unreliable images. Click here to sign up.

A mathematical descriptor for theropod forelimb claws: Gene Ontology GO annotation analysis revealed that the transcripts modulated by HGF were enriched for metabolic functions including: This phenomenon is likely to be correlated to the degeneration observed in these regions. Pierri, Results for a truncated phaseless near field technique”Electronics letters”n.

D’Urso M, Isernia T. The elrttromagnetici has been assessed by performing the comparative analysis of the Haptoglobin; although the analyzed images are much more noisy and distorted than their sources the system achieves promising results.