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Khadijah was born around in Mecca. Her father, Khuwaylid bin Asad, was a popular leader in the tribe of Quraysh and a successful. Khadijah, may Allah be pleased with her, came from a noble family. Two more sons, called Tayyib and Tahir, were also born, but they too died in their infancy. Khadijah al-Kubra daughter of Khuwaylid ibn (son of) Asad ibn Abdul-`Uzza ibn According to a number of sources, Khadijah was born in A.D. and died .. (ع) daughter of Muhammad (ص), Maryam bint `Umran (Mary daughter of Amram), .

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However, after she hired the Prophet Muhammad to take her trading caravans to Syria, she revisited the idea of marriage.

She chose Muhammad ibn Abdullah for the trade in Syria. Abu Bakr may Allah be pleased with him had been the first man bioggraphy accept Islam and he was the Prophet’s closest companion.

Khadijah as both overjoyed and awed to find that her understanding of what had happened on the mountain had been confirmed.

This was such an awesome experience that the Prophet peace and blessings be upon him returned home sweating and shaking. Khuwajlid some deny that she had previous husbands, other sources state that after a first husband named Abu Halah ibn Zurarah died, she married Ateeq ibn Aidh Makhzumi Otayyik. She was impressed by his character khuawylid his honesty in dealing with her business.

Not long after this incident, Muhammad was commanded in a subsequent revelation from Allah, through the angel Jibril, to call people to worship Allah only, and it was at this point that Khadijah did not hesitate in expressing in public what she had now known for certain in secret for some time: Khadijah is regarded as one of the most important female figures in Islamlike her daughter, Fatimah.

There, while their homes lay empty in Mecca, the Muslims were exposed to the bitterly cold nights of winter and the fiery hot days of summer, with very little food and shelter. For other uses, see Khadija disambiguation. Biographies of the Prophet’s Companions and Their Successors vol.

Once Aisha asked him if Khadijah had been the only woman worthy of his love. By the morning hours, and by the night when it is stillest, Your Lord has not forsake you nor does He hate you, And truly what comes after will be better for you than what has come before, And truly your Lord will give to you so that you will be content.


Khadijah bint Khuwaylid – Simple English Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Khadija was supportive of Muhammad’s prophetic mission, always helping in his work, proclaiming his message and belittling any opposition to his prophecies. By the time he was gone, Khadijah sought the advice of a friend of hers named Nufaysa daughter of Umayyah. For the name Khadija, see Khadija name. It is said that when the Quraysh’s trade caravans gathered to embark upon their summer journey to Syria or winter journey to YemenKhadija’s caravan equalled the caravans of all other traders of the Quraysh put together.

When she woke up she went for the khuwsylid of this wonderful dream to her cousin, Waraqah bin Nawfal, a blind man noted for his skill in interpreting dreams, and for his depth of knowledge, particularly of the Torah and the Injil.

Khadija died in ” Ramadan of the year 10 after the Prophethood”, [40] i.

Khadijah thus grew up in the lap of luxury. They all khuuwaylid to Al-Madinah, with the Prophet peace and blessings be upon him. When he heard her dream, he gave a serene smile, and told her not to worry, as this was a very promising dream.

I love you for your kinship with me, and for that you are ever in the center, not being a partisan among the people for this or for that. She died early in 8 A. She bestowed her brilliant insight of economical principles, especially in the export and import field, on the trade market. She had accepted Islam before her husband, and she participated in the migration from Mecca to Medina. Each tribe had its own idol, and the wealthy bought and kept a number of idols at home. His skin was white but tanned by the sun.

Khadijah bint Khuwaylid

He knew that the coming of another Prophet had been foretold by both Moses and Jesus, peace be on them, anhe knew many of the signs that would confirm the identity of this Prophet when he appeared.

When he prostrated, they, too, prostrated. The messenger of Allah said: After he accepted the offer, they were married in C. Their first child, a son whom they named Qasim, died when he was only two years old. Some time later the young widow married ‘Atique bin ‘Aith bin ‘Abdullah Al-Makhzumi, and she had a daughter by him as well named Hindah, but the marriage soon broke up on grounds of incompatibility.


It was one of many wars in which those mighty nations were embroiled and which continued for many centuries. This is also known in Islamic history as the Shi’ab Abi Talib. Of all these books, only al-Tabari’s Tarikh is being translated by more than one translator and in several volumes into English.

Khadijah – New World Encyclopedia

Most Persians were then following Zoroastrianism, a creed introduced in the 6th century before Christ by Zoroaster B. The profits Biogtaphy reaped from that trip were twice as much as she had anticipated. Return to your Lord, well-pleased with Himwell-pleasing Himso enter among My servants, and enter into My garden.

Khadijah bint Khuwaylid Arabic: As she listened to Muhammad’s words, Khadijah did not share any of these fears.

She sent one of her servants, Maysarah, to assist him. This paper about Khadijah al-Kubra, may the Almighty reward her khuwayild behalf of the Muslim umma from the first generations to the last, was written and widely circulated by myself, author of this book, on May 12,when I was living in Falls Church, Virginia, U.

Many choose this name to commemorate the first wife of the Prophet Muhammad. Have you heard of Khadijah? Even when he journeyed to Ta’if, a small city up in the mountains outside Mecca, to call its people to worship Allah, he was rejected and stoned by them.

After a short while, Khadijah told her husband about the prediction of the Syrian monk Buhayra regarding Muhammed’s Prophethood, and about her dialogue with both her servant Maysarah, who had informed her of what Bahirah or Buhayrah had said, and with her cousin Waraqah ibn Nawfal.

This page was last kf on 27 Decemberat Khadijah’s body was buried in Mecca. Ruqayya and Ummu Kulthoom married two of Abu Lahab’s sons.