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Giorgio Agamben. Translated from the Italian h Jeff Port. In Praise. Of Profanation . Editor’s Note: The following is excerpted from Giorgio. Agamben’ s. Essays by a provocative Italian philosopher on memory and oblivion, on what is lost and what remains. The Italian philosopher Giorgio Agamben has always. Giorgio Agamben. In Foucault’s analyses, devices generate both de- subjectivation and subjectivation processes. Unfortunately, many amongst the studies on.

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Open Preview See a Problem? Oct 21, Stephen rated it really liked it. The variety enables readers to see Agamben in his relaxed informal mode, discussing what he loves and why, and in his more guarded formal mode, discussing theoretical matters with the customary air of objectivity. Seems the judge considered her a whore.

Since this fits into pofanation previous discussion, it makes perfect sense in context. Chapter Nine investigates subjectivity in the context of oppression. Contrary to the popular notion that creativity can be ascribed to individuals, a notion that finds its most convincing support in Hannah Arendt’s theory of natality, Agamben contends that genius is better understood as an impersonal force beyond the ego, something like the muses of ancient mythology.

Reduction to the naked life is not restricted to a small minority, according to Agamben, but is virtually pervasive.

Some very tasty essays in here. In this case, the divine is capital and the sacred is anything required by the apparatus of capitalism.


Refresh and try again. If you like your Agamben short, sweet, and concentrated, then this is the book for you. For readers unacquainted with Agamben’s ideas, it will not serve as a general introduction. In the commodity, separation inheres in the very form of the object, which splits into use-value and exchange-value and is transformed into an ungraspable fetish. As a result of Agamben’s dynamic and deliberately playful shifting from one mode of discourse to agambne, readers might find it difficult to get their bearings.

Agamben’s profanations, like Adorno’s avant-garde works of art, are intended as modes of resisting the universal absorption into capitalist production and consumption. Although, perhaps the most fragmented of his books that I’ve read and with some essays that I’m at worst mildly profsnation to even if they are pleasurable and interesting to read, this book deserves five stars if only for ‘the Assistants’, ‘Special Being’, ‘Magic and Happiness’ and ‘In Praise of Profanation’ alone.

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All this seems fairly clear, and nevertheless why does Agamben target pornography as the potential and elective object of profanation rather than fashion? Saya pikir saya tidak salah memilih Profanations sebagai jalan pembuka untuk membaca Seri Homo Sacer. Practice and a good eye helps. Some familiar themes the significance of gesture, pornography, etc. The state of exception, according to Carl Schmitt, authorizes the sovereign to detain and kill its subjects in the interest of maintaining the nation-state.

Jan 01, Oktaria Asmarani rated it really liked it. It sits at the end profaanation the paragraph, at the end of the chapter, as an appendage, perhaps a warning that leads readers to wonder whether their confidence that profanatkon have understood what came before was an illusion. In ProfanationsAgamben has assembled for the first time some of his most pivotal essays on photography, the novel, and film.

At this point, Profanations brings us to a crossroads. As a whole, however, it is quite serious. Buku pertama tahun ini.

The Italian philosopher Giorgio Agamben has always been an original reader of texts, understanding their many rich historical, aesthetic, and political meanings and effects. Whether or not the last sentence is true, and it is on its face at least debatable, it does not follow from the preceding discussion.

Profanations // Reviews // Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews // University of Notre Dame

Unfortunately, the simplified version is also extremely attractive, though for the wrong reasons. Where sacrifice once marked the passage from the profane to the sacred and from the sacred to the profane, there is now a single, multiform, ceaseless process of separation that assails every thing, every place, every human activity in order to divide it from itself.

CoolBreeze rated it really liked it Oct 08, These verbs mean to make impure or inferior by adding foreign substances to something: A fraction is all that can be expected here, principally because I cannot hope to duplicate the range of expertise Agamben commands. Apr 30, Ethan rated it really liked it Shelves: Roughly speaking, Agamben tells us: Paul Jackson rated it really liked it Mar 29, Here Agamben argues that people who belong to the religious cult of capitalism sacrifice every facet of life and end up in a supremely frustrating environment where everything is sacred, hence off limits to personal use.


This field is traversed by two conjoined but opposed forces: Esai-esai di dalamnya tidak berhubungan satu sama lain, bahkan menurut saya terkesan acak. It might very well, however, stimulate those who have heard the buzz about him to read his earlier books.

Profanations by Giorgio Agamben

In Adorno’s terms, both he and Agamben attempt to counteract the positive dialectic of universal commodification by setting in motion a negative dialectic that resists inclusion in the capitalist apparatus. In terms prodanation its philosophical content, which is probably of greatest interest to readers of NDPRthe book is difficult, despite its brevity profanaation apparent light-heartedness.

A photo from some time ago that I wish I would have kept, where my wife’s face was simply angelic, she sitting backwards in a ladder-back chair, nude, her legs spread wide and her genitals on display. In this reduced state, people are not legally or morally protected against mistreatment at the hands of the sovereign.

Agamben has a lot of charm, and a real respect for, and knowledge of, history, philosophy, art, and the sacred. Aug 19, Nalanda Buatong rated it it was amazing. It is in any event profanatipn reading. For example, the aforementioned explication of ‘species’, which begins with his trademark etymological treatment of the term, moves finally into full-blown normative discourse: This slim volume is like the little top that kept on spinning after all the other tops had slowed and toppled to a halt.