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A Taste of Honey is a play written by Shelagh Delaney. Delaney, a British dramatist, was only 18 when she wrote the play. Originally, she wrote it to be a novel. A Taste of Honey has ratings and 89 reviews. Zanna said: Delaney wrote this little play, about a working class mother and daughter struggling in Ma. Shelagh Delaney was 19 when A Taste of Honey brought her fame – but she never equalled its success. Now, two years after her death, it is to.

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She was extraordinarily accurate about characters. The Boy is a black sailor who appears briefly, professing love for Jo.

The dream has gone but the baby is real. As a result, his love for sheagh is futile, and foreordained to sterility. All this no doubt sounds quite sordid, and during much of the first act, when Miss Delaney is establishing the personalities of the mother and daughter and sketching in their life in a horrible flat in a Lancashire industrial town, you may well begin to think that you are in for something pretty bad.

Helen does not act like a mother, nurturing and caring for her child. Osborne sets his plays, Look Back in Anger and The Entertainerin an England which suffers by a sentimental comparison shelagb the good old days of the Edwardians and from an outdated system of class distinctions.

It was subsequently turned into a film, starring Rita Tushingham and earning Delaney and the film’s director, Tony Richardson, Bafta and Writer’s Guild awards for best screenplay.

They have in common with Geof an underlying sense of sterility and impotence, but unlike him they are without hope; they repel, he attracts sympathy: Again the basic symbols are there: Jo leaves to go lie down, and Tazte enters with a bag of food.


I couldn’t see a big jump in their relationship’s nature. The Boy enters and begins to sooth Jo.

A Play by Shelagh Delaney. Order by newest oldest recommendations.

Jo is not at all sure that she wants the child she is expecting, nor is she sure what she will do with it when it appears. Both Mousetrap and A Taste of Honey continue to be produced in regional theatre, but Variations on a Theme has achieved no lasting notoriety.

In the silence that follows, Jo sends Geof to make coffee, and Helen continues to bully Jo. The first of these advises that “in accordance with modern theatre practice, national anthems will only be played in the presence of royalty or heads of state”.

A Taste of Honey |

She was outraged when Gerry Raffles, Littlewood’s partner and the theatre’s manager, told her the money would remain in her bank account until she was Nov 24, Rosa rated it really liked it Shelves: It is summer, about six months later.

The one character who offers Jo a chance at stability, a sociable conformity, and an emotional steadiness, Geof is ironically the character who, because he is. She has a clear, realistic view of life, and the necessity to observe the traditions, and yet leads a questionable life herself. He has also been supporting her, paying the rent and buying food. Within moments, Helen is forced to admit that Peter has thrown her out and run off with a younger woman.

English laborers could look to America and see that the middle class were prospering, pursuing the. Jo has so much pride that she will not leave her flat once her pregnancy becomes evident.


A Taste of Honey: A Play

After another television play, RapeDelaney was asked to write a screenplay based on the true story of a women who was executed for murder. I didn’t enjoy the dialogue at all and the plot line was bland and boring.

You can also watch the utterly wonderful film adaptation. The mother belongs to the new age and that is commendable up to the point where the daughter —Josephine becomes the injured party. He drinks too much, as does Helen. For other uses, see A Taste of Honey disambiguation. You bet Delaney was angry.

Shelagh Delaney, A Taste of Honey writer, dies aged 71

Retrieved 27 December The act ends with Helen rushing out to her own wedding. A Taste of Honey became an unexpected hit, winning several awards both as a play and later as a film. Helen has been involved with many men, and she has not been any kind of real mother to Jo, who appears to desperately need maternal guidance.

A religious observer, which is not the case-yet- here, would probably say that any new life is a reason to be elated. I think Miss Margaret Leighton is a tasye actress and I felt she was wasting her time.

Murray Melvin is much in demand at the moment; thanks to the fact that the National Theatre is shortly to stage a new production of A Taste of Honey — it will star Kate O’Flynn as Jo and Lesley Sharp as her mother, Helen — everyone wants to hear from him.