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: A Civil Campaign: A Miles Vorkosigan Novel (Audible Audio Edition): Lois McMaster Bujold, Grover Gardner, Inc. Blackstone Audio: Books. Bujold dedicates her new novel to the Bront s, Georgette Heyer and Dorothy Sayers, which gives a pretty good indication of the territory she’s staked out in this . The cover of the Baen edition of A Civil Campaign and excerpts from Shards of Honor, The. Warrior’s reproduced by kind permission of Lois McMaster Bujold.

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When Richars attempts to deflect attention to the support given by Miles to Dono and accuses Miles of killing Ekaterin’s husband, Ekaterin steps in and publicly proposes marriage to Mxmaster. Everyone will be back on planet for the wedding. He certainly wasn’t expecting Cordelia Vorkosigan.

Not that I have anything against sexual discovery; but shouldn’t one’s personal emancipation and I talk about both men and women be more about about education and discovering one’s identity and limits than just sex?

And from a proper Vor gentleman, too, I’m pleased to report. There acmpaign also a strong undercurrent of feminism here despite the old-fashioned and paternalistic way Barrayar treats its women.

It would have felt very odd to wander through the famous Count and Countess Vorkosigan’s intimate space, as though she were some voyeur.

So much for short cuts. It seemed to flow from her nose to her body directly, circumventing her brain. And now she’s suddenly my chain of command! Her hands twitched with the desire to start digging into the dirt then and there. He must not be in one of his voluble moods. Miles took a deep breath; before he could speak, Ivan put in, “Y’know, that head-down hostile scrunch makes you look more hunch-backed. It was now done up as a bland guest room, with scant personality beyond what was lent it by the fabulous cifil itself.

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Marriage in fiction can be a wonderful thing, and while the actual marriage in question doesn’t actually occur in this novel, the pertinent requisites were more than enough to amuse and have me on the floor. He wondered what possibility her mind’s eye had just seen, there.

After a moment, he gestured to the flimsy, rolled up beside Ivan’s empty plate. While this book can stand alone, in my opinion it would lose some impact if you don’t know the back story on the characters, especially Miles and Ekaterin.

A Civil Campaign by Lois McMaster Bujold

Yes, some of the attitudes are dated. Fortunately, it angled to the north, and did not block out much light. It needs to be filled up with life again, the way it used to be in my father’s heyday.

It was too soon, wildly too soon, to suggest courtship to her crippled heart; he had that clear in his head, even if his own heart howled in frustration. No matter how bad things are I always know you will always support me”. He does not need to be domesticated; he needs somebody who can shoot and hit the target: It will provide variety. Better you than me, boy. He tapped his finger on the bare square at the end. And by the time the shock of her husband’s death had worn away, and she was ready to put off her forbidding formal mourning garb, and every unattached Vor bachelor in the capital showed up on her doorstep, Miles could have a lock on her affections that would permit him to fend off the most glittering competition.


One corner of Miles’s mouth crooked up.

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He also decided to make some money on side by engaging in some very Planets Barrayar Komarr Sergyar. See 2 questions about A Civil Campaign…. However, if you enjoy Romantic Comedies on the backdrop of political intrigues with some slapstick pie-in-the-face distractions on the side, this is the perfect book for you. He applies bjjold his guiles and his well-earned experience in manipulation. We met her in Komarr. Her gray hair was wound up on her head in her usual style.

So what went wrong and what went well? Mi The Miles Vorkosigan series is one of liis best in science fiction.

The debt you owe them gets collected by your children, who hand it down in turn. Demonstrably, even sniper fire couldn’t stop the hyperactive little git. The doctors in the clinic here in Vorbarr Sultana report he had a very clean and complete cellular uptake. Miles who used to command a mercenary fleet and overcome greatest odds against him devised a similar approach to his courtship. The somber stone of the mansion rose before them, four stories high in two major wings.