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Susan Beckingham (for ’tis she) of Solid Web Strategies and Sussex Copywriting Services writes:

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Yes, we’re back with more useful, easy to understand tips on how to write content for your website. Following on from my previous blog post (and thanks to you all for reading – I had hundreds of page views), I was asked why, as an SEO copywriter who makes a living out of web content writing I’d published an article on  how to, er, write for your website.  Well, now.  Not all of you have the budget for a content writer and being useful is part and parcel of how I like to work.

Anyway, you may decide that I’m soooooo good that you’ve just got to employ me RIGHT NOW, having sold your precious collection of brass door knockers or whatever it is that sucks up your money.

Here’s the deal as a general rule: write for your target market first and for search engines second.  If your content is well written, relevant, useful and engaging, Google will sit up and take notice.   Yes indeedy.   Here’s three more top website tips, Solid Web Strategies stylee.  They’re a little more advanced than previously but trust me, they’re worth it:

1. Think About Your Titles

A slightly easier one to start with.  How do you (and your target market) search on Google?  I bet that you’re using some of the words in the list below. Here’s  what are called modified title tags.

Instead of “Five weight loss tips”, add just one powerful word and make it “Five easy weight loss tips”.  Let’s continue:

  • 2016
  • How to…
  • Review
  • Best
  • Fast
  • Checklist
  • Free
  • Guide
  • Tips
  • Simple

2. Check out www.udemy.com

What’s Udemy, I hear you cry?  Well, for those that don’t know, it provides a terrific online platform for subject matter experts to create training courses on practically any topic you can think of. It’s comprehensive, easy to use and your SEO content writing friend.

Go to the site and search for a keyword that describes your content’s topic.  Let’s say “photography”.

Find a course with lots of reviews.  These courses are popular and obviously good quality.  The one I’m looking at now has 34 5-star ratings and focuses on aerial photography.

Scroll down to the curriculum and you’ll see lots of good stuff to write about.  I’ve found a ton of useful stuff about how to plan for a trip, project design principals and how to edit your footage – and so much more.  Now obviously – don’t steal it BUT you can adapt some of it into your own blog posts or website pages.   Use it as a way to outline your page.  Cool, no?

3. Use the APP Formula. Agree, Promise, Preview.

Now what’s she blethering on about?  Well, it’s this:

Remember what I said in my previous post about making sure that people stay on your site, rather than disappearing back to the search engine results pages?  And how effective it is for Google to notice that people are doing this?  Here’s method number two:

Get people to Agree with what you’re saying; within your specialist sector and your business. Create a situation that, having done your research, you just know gets people’s goat (what is this goat of which you speak?).

“I think you’ll agree with me when I say that…”followed by

“…it’s really hard to get skilled, reliable staff for your business”

“…it’s almost impossible to stop smoking once you’re hooked”

“…getting value for money when you book a holiday can be a bit of a challenge”

Then, it’s time to Promise something: give them a view into a better world made so much better, easier (and with lots of velvety chocolatey goodness) by your services.

“Well, it turns out that it’s not as hard as you think.  9 out of 10 staff placed with 5 local companies via our agency are still in position two years later.  How good is that?!”  Or something similar.  OK, maybe not quite so enthusiastic.

OK, now Preview: tell them what’s in your post or on your page that backs this up: “in today’s post, I’m going to show you how my proven approach to stopping smoking will improve your health and increase your bank balance without the stress that normally accompanies going cold turkey”.

Easy and effective.

So, that’s all for now.  Let us know if you’ve got any questions via our contact us page.  There’s more coming soon.

Don’t forget that Solid Web Strategies is UNIQUE:  we are Susan Beckingham (copywriter supremo) and Richard Russell (website guru & SEO bloke who-knows-what-it’s-all-about) and we’re good at all of it.  

No outsourcing, no cheap and cheerful crappy stuff, just very good websites.  All we need is two hours of your time for a briefing.  Oh yes. 

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