Hootsuite – a Fabulous Way to Manage Your Social Media

Social Media Management Dashboard – HootSuite.

Social media.  Yes, we know, it’s another layer of “stuff” for you to keep up with.  It really works well, though.  However, if you’re struggling with the daily commitment of it all, we’ve found a really handy new tool to make things easier.

Hootsuite brings all your social media channels together under one platform and in effect, enables you to manage everything more or less all at once.  You can reach people with the same message all at once, or change the message, depending on the platform.  You can even…and here’s the clever bit…schedule your social media engagement ahead of time and then just get on with your day.  Marvelous.

Here is a very rough animation showing the mouse clicks path for adding Social Streams.Adding additional Social Media Streams to your Hootsuite account.

The Free account allows 5 social streams, ie. Facebook, Google+,Twitter, LinkedIn etc.

Tip: If you are adding your Facebook account have your Facebook account open in another window.

Try it.  It’s really good.  For more information, why not either:

Come to visit us at First Friday Lewes or First Friday Brighton?  We’re always on hand to offer advice and we’d love to see you, or:

Contact us today for a chat on 07403 202 601.  We manage customers’ social media channels on their behalf and we’d certainly be able to help.


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