Website Recipe for Success

Recipe for Website Success

Website Success Recipe
cooking time: indeterminable


  • 1 website hosting account
  • 1 website (WordPress)
  • 1 keyword rich domain name
  • Generous portion of well-written content including plenty of synonyms so search engines can correctly categorise your website (Trim content of spelling and grammatical errors)
  • Plenty of professionally taken photographs, at least one for each page (No selfies!)
  • Add outgoing links to authoritative sites (wikipedia) to clarify subject matter
  • A pinch of video content (hosted on youTube (owned by Google))
  • Large bowl of optimisation know how
  • A clear strategy for moving forward
  • Large amount of kitchen paper to wipe away the sweat and tears!


Take one website.

Make sure that all the pages have correctly written titles, descriptions and headings.

Marinade with well written, relevant and informative text. Format this for ease of reading no one like to digest a huge chunk of text.

Sprinkle with internal links but don’t over do it.

Place your nice images, add ALT text, title text and decorate with image size attributes.

If additional media, such as video or flash files, are to your taste, add a transcript so that the search engines can get a flavour of them as well.

Season your website with a good pinch of optimisation for:

Quality (broken links, server errors)
Accessibility (access to all regardless of physical ability)
Compatibility issues (usable on all platforms and devices)
Privacy (US CAN-SPAM Act 2003 and/or EU Privacy Regulations 2003)
Search Engine Standards (Google, Bing and Yahoo guidelines. Best Search Practices)
Code Validation Errors ( HTML and CSS validation)
Usability (user experience (UX))

Place online.

Whist online, take out of the refrigerator your previously prepared strategy for driving traffic to your site. This could be gathering email addresses for newsletter distribution or article writing. You will need your best content marketing hat and gloves on for this.

Now boil the whole lot over a high flame!

Let everyone know what you are cooking up via social media but in a socialable manner using your imagination.

Whilst your site is online keep checking Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools at regular intervals and for the more sophisticated palate, add some link building.

Keep tasting your site by checking all the pages and its functionality. Get to know it inside out.

Once all that has been done, pour yourself a drink in anticipation of the arrival of your guests. Here’s to you getting a lot of those!

Bon Appetit.

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