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Seo Powersuite

SEO PowerSuite Comprises Four Elements

Download SEO PowerSuite Trail Version this is all four components, listed below, downloads for individual components appear within their reviews.

Rank Tracker

SEO SpyGlass

Link Assistant

Website Auditor


As an SEO service provider, keeping clients up to speed with your activities without actually blinding them with science is a real challenge  for today’s “white hat” service providers. Oh, and there’s that small matter of actually earning your monthly fee, too. At Solid Web Strategies, we were intrigued by SEO Powersuite. At first glance it looks like a seriously powerful box of tricks. At second glance, too.  And quite frankly, throughout the suite of tools.  We likey likey.

As web designers, SEO and content writing specialists, we aim to support our clients in clear, jargon-free language. Our customers don’t really want to know what we have to know. Quite frankly, they’re not engaged in SEO and why should they be?  They just want some good quality enquiries through their websites and to continue to grow their businesses.

Yet we feel confident that a fair few of our customers could use SEO Powersuite, if they chose to. All the programmes within SEO Powersuite are clearly laid out and they’re super easy to use.  You need to understand basic SEO terms, such as “title tags”, “meta descriptions” and “alt text” but we think you’re unlikely to use the software if you didn’t know these or had no familiarity with them.


Rank Tracker

Download Rank Tracker Trial Version

What’s my site’s true position in the rankings? 

Easy to use, this tool is self explanatory.

Simply enter your domain name and the keywords/keyword phrases that you want to check.

Enter your keyword phrase into

You’ll see a comprehensive range of countries and their different types of search engines.

Select the search engines that you are interested in.

Make your choices

Rank Tracker presents a rather nifty spreadsheet-style display showing your ranking, the default setting is within the top 100.


However, you can change the depth of check in Preferences -> Rank checking mode -> Max number of results to check.


Allow Rank Tracker to do its stuff

After Rank Tracker has collected the required information you are presented with a report of its findings.


You can integrate Google Analytics, too – very neat. Rank Tracker can generate 6 different reports:


Rank Tracker Reports

Delving deeper into Rank Tracker reveals a treasure trove of extra functionality – data elements that you never thought you needed.

Its easy to understand presentation format sparks all sorts of customer service “added value” ideas.

We started to think about how we could enhance our monthly client reports and yes, we do know that we need to get out more.

Seriously, though, why isn’t Google Analytics this easy?


SEO SpyGlass

Download SEO SpyGlass Trail Version

Want to find out how and why  other websites are outranking you for your keywords? 

Yes please. In a nutshell, SEO SpyGlass analyses competitor backlinks using 9 pre-defined filters, revealing a website’s “good” and “bad” backlinks.

Why is this so useful?

Because it means that you an assess the best links and then use them on your site as well.

There are two reports within SEO SpyGlass: Website Backlinks Analysis Report does what it sounds like: it analyses backlinks. You’ll get a nifty list showing which links are still valid, which ones produce error messages and which are correctly configured.

You can also see each link’s anchor text.

Neat.  However, it’s the link values analysis section at the bottom of the page which sets our world on fire; right there in black and white you can see what backlinks you may wish to have on your own (or your client’s) site and which ones you may wish to ignore.

Website Backlinks Report 

Similar to the Analysis Report but an expansion of the details. The formats are user friendly and easy to understand and you can add branding to them.

In our opinion, they’re Customer Service Gold. We’re thinking:  website audits or monthly reports.

Finally in SEO SpyGlass is the SEO Success Blueprint, a fabulous “how to” guide offering handy hints on how to entice backlinks from website owners.

This will automatically generate a 7 step to success document.

7 steps to SEO success

7 step guide to SEO success

This really adds value to any SEO service offering and we like it…a lot.  Also, you can use this backlink data in Link Assistant, which we’ll get to shortly.

Website Auditor

Download Website Auditor trail version

OK.  Website audit tools are out there.  Everywhere.  What makes this one different?

We think that yet again, the functionality around report integration makes this tool invaluable.  Why?  Because it’s seamless and easy to use, saves time and really helps the serious (or non serious) web specialist to deliver a great service to their clients.  It focuses on the nitty gritty, indicating coding errors and highlighting ways to put them right.

This app has three sections:

  1. Website auditor
  2. Website (structure audit Report),
  3. Webpage (keyword,webpage report and page elements)

A website can be audited for titles, meta descriptions, external and internal links, validation and CSS errors etc.  H1 and H2-H6 tags are revealed, too.

The Website Report section also gives just enough information on search engine standards and W3C compliance, which can sometimes be a bit confusing. 



As SEO specialists, we think that this is a powerful yet intuitive software suite and that the designers should be very pleased with themselves.

They’ve taken the time to lay out the various sections in a way that’s easy to understand yet with rich seams of functionality that will make a big difference within the industry.

We like the wizard-style step by step functionality and the report integration, too – very nifty. The only aspect which we think needs addressing is the lack of reports on social media integration, the next Big SEO Thing.

However, we’re pretty sure that it’s just a matter of time and that they’re working on this as we think.

Overall…SEO Powersuite is great value for money and really brings the so-called Dark Art of SEO into the Light.

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