Make 2014 The Year You…

…Sort out your website!

Your website is a seriously powerful business tool.Get a website strategy in place

OK, we love running First and Third Friday networking events and it’s great when local businesses do business with other local businesses (too many uses of the word “business” here).  Although we LOVE YOU ALL, we think that you should know what we do, too.  And yes, most of you probably need us – or will, at some stage.  Here’s how we help our clients:

Website design and development

Content writing (the words!)

Search Engine Optimisation

Domain names

Website hosting

Business photography and videos

We think that 2014 should be the year that you,  our lovely networkers, invest some time, effort and some of your hard earned dosh into some really good SEO, content writing or advice on your website strategy. And, we’re the ones to help you although I do say it myself

What is Search Engine Optimisation?  

Broadly, search engine optimisation (SEO) is about ensuring that a website (your website) appears high up on the list of results when people type certain terms (key words)  into Google.  It  also concerns the number of visitors that your site attracts (potential  clients, yay) and in general although we’re talking about quality versus quantity, the more people visit your website, the more likely you are to get enquiries.  Search engines notice this, too and push you up the rankings.

Most of the websites we see don’t have good quality SEO on them as (shhhh…..) most website designers don’t have this skill.  Blunt, but true.  Some sites we see have beautiful images but very little good quality content; many have some serious validation or coding errors which impede the SEO process big time.  Some websites have been put together by business owners themselves.  Now listen: I don’t cut my own hair or make my own clothes.  If I did, it would show and yes, putting your own website together is not advisable.  It, err, shows.

What is a Website Strategy?

Do you have a plan to attract customers that will involve your website?  Or would you like to have one? Have you thought about getting really engaged with your site and making it work as hard as you do?  Consider the following:

Link building

Links to social media via your website

Using clever social media management tools

Newsletters and mailshots


Updating your content

Getting serious about being found?

It’s not scary.  It’s not hideously expensive to get all this going and we’re guessing that you’re quite keen on marketing.  After all, you come to our networking events to spread the word about what you do and how you do it.  So…why not:

Have a whizz around our website to find out more about what we do, and

Talk to us at First and Third Fridays about how we can make your website ping, zing and sparkle in 2014.

And, yes, we still…LOVE YOU ALL!!

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Susan Beckingham runs Solid Web Strategies with her partner, some geezer called Richard Russell.  Susan does the words and Richard does all the teccie stuff.  Give us a call on 07816 684 756.

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