Advice on Domain Names

What’s in a domain name?

This is an easy to understand guide about domain names.  Hmm…not something that we think too much about really, is it?  For example, say you’re a photographer.  Maybe you’re thinking that your own name would be the perfect domain name:   Please don’t make this mistake – search engines need to do what you do and where you do it.

So, gentle readers, here’s a user friendly guide about domain names and how they can help or hinder your website’s rankings.

Can you remember how long you’ve had your domain name for?

The longer you’ve had it, the more Google likes you. Capiche?


Do your Keywords appear in you domain name?

Here’s one we mentioned earlier.  Don’t let a year go by wherein search engines are learning what you do.  If Fred Bloggs sells pottery in Barnstable (a very noble profession) he should buy www.potterybarnstable to be off to a flying start.  Similarly, www.sussexcopywriter or www.doggroomingleeds.


Does your Keyword appear first in your domain name?

If not, it should.  Consider our old friend www.potterybarnstable.


Is there an exact search term match to your domain Name?

So, you could try


Have you registered your domain name for long period of time?

Consider committing to a 10-year domain name period.  Few people do this but your domain name will be noticed if you register it for some considerable time into the future.  Show some commitment!


Does your domain name have a bit of a dodgy history?

The domain may have a chequered past.  Have a look at


Is your domain listed on the PublicWhois Record?

When you register your domain, it’s automatically registered here but you CAN opt out.  Why would you want to if you have nothing to hide?  Don’t worry about personal privacy if you’re running  a legitimate business – which you are, of course.  It helps if your name appears on the website, too.

Does your domain have a Country top level extension?

Sorry, but is not going cut it in the global market.  Consider .eu for a wider reach.

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