What We Do

Our aim is to deliver websites that really work hard for our customers. We have the skills and experience to provide a full range of web-related services – everything you need from a single company, saving you time, stress and hassle. And money.

Client Site

Client Site

We offer ONE point of contact. An experienced client manager who will manage your account and keep you up to speed with progress. Once you’re up and running, we’ll send regular activity and update reports and pro-actively manage your expectations. We want to support your website’s development so that it keeps pace with your business. We may even be up for a cheeky glass of wine with you now and again.

Here’s everything we do which is, quite frankly, everything you need:

Hosting and Domain Names

If you’re planning on launching a website, you’ll need to purchase space on the internet for it to run. It’s called website hosting and it’s a key part of what we offer. Solid Web Strategies offers unlimited website hosting at a fantastic value for money price. Contact us for more information.

Your domain name (not necessarily your business name) could be a major factor in your website’s success.

Top tip: try to make it keyword rich and include a location if you can. We offer low-cost domain names as part of our Solid Web Strategies group. Contact usfor more information.

Time To Get Started

We’ll take the time to learn about your business. We’re sales and marketing experts first and geeky teccies second (with apologies to geeky teccies out there). Knowing your objectives is a key factor in the success of any commercial venture. We’ll take the time to understand what they are, both medium and long term. Let’s meet to talk about:

  • Who you sell to and everything about them.
  • Why they would buy from you
  • What’s different about your business?

You’ll be able to approve your site layout and design before it goes live and we’ll keep you up to speed with developments as often as you need.


We can’t say this often enough: good quality content will be vital to your website’s success. Get this wrong and you are wasting your money. We really don’t want you to do that. So, either be very sure that you’re OK with this, or ask Solid Web Strategies’ web content specialist to do this for you. We’ll take you through an in depth briefing, slot the content into your site and gain approval at every stage before your site goes live.

You can have as many re-writes or amends as you like and we usually offer a blog for free.

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

Getting your website found by the people to whom you want to sell. In a nutshell, that’s it.

On-page AND off-page SEO services will be implemented during your website development – or to your existing site – using only legitimate techniques. Old-fashioned “black hat” processes, such as keyword stuffing, hidden text or poor quality link building are no longer appropriate, indeed your site will be viewed as SPAM if and when Google notices!

Solid Web Strategies will keep you up to speed with your site’s progress in the rankings with regular reports and analysis of how best to keep you on page one. We’ll analyse what your competitors are doing, too. Shhhhhhh.

Business Photographs

A really good service, which will enable you to look your professional best. We’d recommend that your photo be taken early on in the design process so that it can be added as part of the content.
We’d be happy to talk to you about any or all of our services. Use the Contact us button or just give us a call to find out more.