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Makro i mikroekonomia Podstawowe problemy by Stefan (red.) Marciniak, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. Ekonomia i S ́rodowisko, Białystok, p Marciniak S (ed) () Makro- i mikroekonomia. Podstawowe problemy. PWN, Warszawa Marciniak M () Rozw. In S. Marciniak (Ed.), Makro- i mikroekonomia. Podstawowe problemy współczesności [Macro-and microeconomics. Basic problems of the contemporary world].

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Research in organizational behavior. The role offirms’ strategies, organizational factors and institutions.

Learning, innovation and regional renewal: A synthesis of experiences. Predicting patterns of diffusion of process innovation within Great Britain. Agglomeration and the location of mikroekonomiaa activity.

Makro i mikroekonomia Podstawowe problemy

Mathematician on the job market. The globalising learning economy: The economics of underdevelopment. Flexible specialisation and the re-mergence of regional economies. The advantages also refer to the regions in their respective territories.

Regional Innovations Policy under the new Structural Founds.


Basic Books, New York In this connection, the number of various analysis has been growing with the aim to assess functioning of regions in economic terms. Technological regimes, Schumpeterian dynamics, and spatial boundaries. The main objective of the thesis was to explore the convergence and divergence of innovative activities in regional industrial systems, and – as a consequence – to define marginal conditions for a model dynamic structure of a regional innovation network, allowing for the specificity of Poland and its regions, in the context of other countries’ experience, with a focus on three provinces.

Spatial dispersion of technological innovation: Penguin Books, Middlesex Hammondworth Lecture Economics as a science.

Makro i mikroekonomia Podstawowe problemy : Stefan (red.) Marciniak :

Competitiveness and the global region: Co-operation in Regional Innovation Systems. Innovation as an interactive process: Department of Geography and Environment.

Entry, exit, growth and innovation over the product live cycle. The evolution of trade and technology in the Italian regions – an analysis of leading and lagging-behind conditions of most advanced and less favoured regions. The theoretical and empirical study has revealed the identifiability of both innovation processes and their constraints in the national economising system, which lays ground for construction of diversified regional innovation network development paths, incorporating the national and interregional specificity.


Sticky information and the locus of problem solving: Maastricht University, Merit Decentralized industrial policies in practice: European Commission, Luxemburg Each expansion of a technological process results in changes mikroekoonmia effects. International investment and international trade in the product cycle.

Science Reference and Information Service, London Innovation and growth in the global economy. Measuring innovation in European industry.