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Some few Luhya Proverbs you did not know. 1. Anavulekwa yirha imbongo. 2. Chenda kalaa yola mumbo. 3. Buli akhashere nobufira bwakho 4. Abachesi babili. Popular luhya proverbs and sayings from mulembe nation with titbits and stories that unraveal their meaning. Maragoli proverbs, Bukusu proverbs, Idakho. It’s not often that one can link African oral literature with the modern science of epidemiology. Such an intricate exercise. Continue reading · Luhya Culture.

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In most cases, this proverb is used to discourage those educated men and ladies who despise village girls who are not their standard. Ndetekhane yayia ameno Only someone else can scratch your back. If one stumbles with both feet in quick succession it means two different troubles lie ahead.

Thus among the Bukusu, number seven is considered unlucky the same way Europeans consider 13 an unlucky number and the Japanese number four and provfrbs because of their pronunciation. These omens are either luhta and inspire confidence in the person or persons engaged in the activity or inauspicious and serve as a warning to either abandon the activity or take precautionary measures to ward off evil forces.

19 Funny Kenyan Proverbs That’ll Leave You On The Floor

Musaali; M’kizungu; M’kilima and M’mavi. Here are their oral traditions in form of proverbs and sayings told as stories and as utilized in context in various texts on this website. Also when one is in a high status he might despise village men and even refuse to work with them but a time comes when illiterate village men are needed to fulfill a certain task in a community.

Please carry out enough research on written on oral Luhya before rushing your results to the innocent public…. Under every Luhya sub-nations are several little sub-nations known as clans, and in total, there are about clans. There are numerous Luhya gospel songs, and most of them are directly translated from hymn books and other English gospel music.


It is considered impolite to pass anyone on their right side. Thanks to be my fellow for great en cougement proverbs that would build us current wicked generation. Special lustration rites must be performed if the diviner detects that an illness which has befallen someone has been caused by that person having killed a python even if it is many years ago. Each song was sung for a reason.

I have two more to add on the list: According to Wiktionary, the dictionary of Luhya nouns does not look at all the dialects from Luhya sub-nations or the A Bantu language.

Tag: Maragoli Sayings & Proverbs

Admittedly, simply, in the 21st century the better part of our ways can’t continue to be alive vide word of mouth or by just another blog post. But when returning home from a journey the opposite prevails i. Abanyala ba Ndombi and Abanyala.

Also means that if one unable to hear the advice then waits until they face consequences of not listening to the advice. Khulira lukendo lulala we eat of the same journey. Nandakhulira kalikuhira amakombe- in English, those who does not hear proerbs they are being told, they will hear while in the grave.

It is a great idea to have a section of Luhya proverbs on Internet. When doing things with one hand the right one should be used as the left hand is unlucky. Because, where else do you get to say: If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it.


Proverbs & Sayings – Luhya – Wakenya Canada

Tags luhya ethnic group. Okania kevilila, oswala niye okhevilila ta- bukusu Nancy Mukasia said: Luhya language is akin to the sour mash of a master brewer. By paying heed luhyaa the omen, they forestall a fight.

If a husband points his buttocks at his wife while they are quarrelling. It is said when you hide your child who is a thief, he will come back to your house at rob everything you have.

Although there are many reasons why women from the Luhyaland stand out amongst the Kenyan ladies, this is the most striking one:. Hence he would ask: They will be added to the page above. However, the dialect of proverhs these sub-tribes varies from one group to the other. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

Nullam sit amet posuere magna. The proverb is used to encourage people of sharing their hardships so that you do not die provwrbs. The Luhya believed that the outcome of an undertaking or important event that will happen in the near future could be foretold by omens or portents.

Luhya Proverbs and Sayings

Ladies from this region are the real essence of what is meant by the African beauty. Among the Bukusu, the Number 7 is regarded unlucky while in other parts of Luhyaland, it is taboo to kill a python. The other one replies: To avert the danger which the owl portents, he is driven away with a firebrand.

The proverb is used to warn people over shameful behavior that when advised they take no action.