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Leonard Peikoff is universally recognized as the preeminent Rand scholar writing today. He worked closely with Ayn Rand for thirty years and was designated. This brilliantly conceived and organized book is Dr. Leonard Peikoff’s classic text on the abstract principles and practical applications of Objectivism. This brilliantly conceived and organized book is Dr. Leonard Peikoff’s classic text on the abstract principles and practical applications of Objectivism, based on.

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Freedom is an ultimate good for it’s own sake. Having said that, a bit of selfishness is needed if we want to stay true to the Greek logic of everything in moderation, and that is where she looses the argument.

That Objectivism regards subjects of dictatorship as living dead–zombies to be assassinated casually–and that it considers the slightest corruption of any part to extend to complete corruption of the whole, it is fair to state that it regards the subjects of the mixed economy to be similarly zombified, subject to the same retaliation by property-owners that might be exercised against criminals, bureaucrats, looters, moochers, communists, and so on.

They conclude obuectivism the same process of induction is essential to every rational field except mathematics and that, as a result, truth in any such field possesses the same objectivity as that of physics. Peikoff on the coming election “, October 19,Peikoff.

Feb 13, Michael Connolly rated it it was leobard Shelves: Don’t have a Kindle? For the New Intellectual: Both books were a slog to wade through and both had similar absolutist perspectives on the world which bordered on nuttiness.

This book should be read by anyone interested in philosophy which is hopefully a wide as audience as possible. Aug 08, Tyler L.

Understanding Objectivism

It’s so much nicer to see the world in absolutes and divide the world into black and white as Ayn Rand does with her philosophy than it is to actually understand the complexity of leonqrd world and actually make complex decisions using all the tools at our disposal instead of a one dimensional world view such as this book does and such as “The Purpose Driven Life” did.


It is a carefully and clearly written treatise on the most important treatment of Philosophy. This does not mean that the tools are PERFECT; if they were we would not need to invent tools to enhance our perceptions such as microscopes, telescopes, objectifism, etc. If you prikoff Reason and logical argument, you’ll love this book. I leoanrd especially recommend this book to those who are already committed atheists. Peikoff considers the nationalization of Middle Eastern oil properties developed by Western corporations — beginning with Iran in — to be in violation of international law and refers to such efforts as “confiscation” and supports covert actions to reverse such efforts, most notably Operation Ajax in Nov 03, Matt Powell rated it it was amazing.

Contradictory axioms would require the corollaries to be in balance, just like human nature. The individual is supreme. The concepts take time to understand, but like anything worth doing the ;eikoff and the decision to take time will pay off.

Ayn was clever to write books that contained her philosophy and then find experts to write about it. This is the definite work on Objectivism.

But precisely because all of Peikocf is presented here in a centralized narrative, it becomes vulnerable to a decapitation strike. Department of Justice followed in Octoberclaiming over a million dollars in damages unless Peikoff turned over the pages.

Art reflects an artist’s values and plays a vital role in giving abstract values concrete expression.

The concep Objectivism is the full explanation of Rand’s often misquoted and even more often misunderstood philosophy. Peikoff, though he is a clear enough writer, pekkoff Rand’s talent for vividness and lucidity, her wit and aptitude at turning a phrase, her mental organization and her ability to select the most essential details of a subject.

Objectivism by Leonard Peikoff | : Books

Peikoff, though he is a clear enough writer, lacks Leonarv talent for vividness and lucidity, her wit and aptitude at turning a phrase This is an important book, and I have to commend Leonard Peikoff for executing the task. Using an axiom and corollary system approach with leonqrd will be totalitarian when applied to large populations because, at least in the case of objectivism, they leave no room for mythology, tradition, prejudice, or religion to epikoff a few human universals.

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Bush whom he called “apocalyptically bad”on the basis of Bush’s religiosity and his refusal to crush Islamic regimes, especially Iran, along with his “doomed” economic policies. I have to wish, however, that Rand had chosen as her intellectual heir someone even close to her skill and intellect.

Pretty much all the questions I still had about Objectivism were cleared up after reading this book. Read more Read less.

Induction in Physics which he co-wrote with physicist David HarrimanPeikoff argues that there is no problem of inductionbecause philosophy is itself an inductive science and, therefore, that any attempt to deny the validity of induction contradicts itself by implicitly accepting the validity of induction. WinnipegManitobaCanada.

Even if you disagree with Objectivism, the book can help you better define peokoff own philosophy in an explicit and comprehensive way. His chapters on metaphysics, the morality and epistemology of capitalism and his epilogue were the most helpful parts for me.

Nietzsche wants man’s primal instincts to be fundamental. For now, objectivism is working to the benefit of the conservative movement. He reports that this meeting with Rand made him aware of the profound importance of philosophy. Objectivism is preeminently an American viewpoint, even though most people, here and abroad, know nothing about it.

Leonard Peikoff in He is real and this is a reality that humans loenard definitely research and live accordingly.

Campus Course | Understanding Objectivism

She wants to return to the gold standard because of ‘freedom’. Existence exists, and only existence exists. Are such people afraid that their own ideas are easily proven wrong and therefore the only way to convince people to follow them is to keep them away from all other ideas?

It denies any supernatural dimension presented as a contradiction of nature, of existence. I expected this book to be an equal bonus. The relationship of concepts to their constituent particulars is the same as the relationship of algebraic symbols to numbers. Withoutabox Submit to Film Festivals.