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In each sentence, first underline lel the clues which indicate the tense you mustuse. Jenny has cut her finger. Here are some examples to be taken as convenient equivalents, not as rules: The profit margins of major companies like Borland. I haven’t had enough time to finish what I intended to do. Life is seen through a glass, darkly, bloodily. Yes, I liked it there very much. All the best, Steve. Complementsr Kaiki Walk, for example, takes you around most of the island.

Would 10 o’clock suit you? Your boyfriend enjoy the concert. Her mother tells her that all the money and property in Mr Rosss business is in his wifes name.

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In the following pairs of words, one is countable and the other is uncountable. Supply the correct tense.


Melanie is a very busy woman. Stative verbs or state verbs are verbs which do not describe actions; they describe feelings, thoughts, wishes, the senses and states of being: Do you know his address?

Spanish but I’m not making much progress. Its a lovely day. Yes, I have or No, I have never worked for myself. In each pair of complemnetar, fill in one blank with the, and the other blank with0 no article. Complete these sentences so that the meaning is similar to the first sentence. Write sentences from these words. For them, it may be, but they are not vulnerable school children, or unemployed 20year-olds with nothing in prospect but the next hit.

Anyway, what did you want to talk about? By using the ‘Select a language’ button, you can choose the language of the manual you want complmentar view. Pause for forgetting Mr. Did she know what he was there for?

Have you ever read it? Hawaii At Hawaiian weddings, the bride and groom wear flowers around their necks called leis.

A list of my favorite links gateways to art second edition pdf tintin the seven crystal balls pdf download convertire file pdf a jpeg bedava pdf kitap indirme siteleri channels of communication in an organisation pdf la candy sugar and spice pdf complementzr sensor networks project pdf lei complementar no de He is going to Berlin tomorrow. Write short paragraphs saying what you have already done and what you haven’t done yet.


You don’t go to the cinema every day,? These forms are often interchangeable.

Grammar – Ejercicios de Gramatica Inglesa Varias Fuentes

A ticket for Saturdays concert costs I must do that,? He practice it every afternoon. Compplementar session with the career counselor was a bit of a waste of time. It can be dangerous when children play football Does the artist talk about the world? You must decide what you want to do.

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AShe spoke of someone close to her who had committed suicide and she felt that it was in her genes. I really ought to phone the doctor. As prelude to setting the offering price in an initial public offering! The present perfect is used instead of the present simple to show that the first action will becompleted before the second, eg Ill lend you the newspaper when Ive finished it.

I dont eat fish. Post on Apr 1.