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I read this book while en route to Las Vegas bachelars a family gathering. He takes further and begins to investigate the meanings of little details in houses, like dressers, corners, and the metaphor of a home as a ‘nest’ or ‘shell’.

Other sections are filled with such tautologies as “A drawer is a thing to be opened”. And no matter how unhappy we are, our mind’s are all trying to be happy happy meaning at times, unfortunately, unhappy, but then maybe the “happiness” Bachelard is talking about is only movement and life, the happiness of the seed. Jan 08, Rakhi Dalal rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Upon glancing a poetic image for the home, for bacuelard, all of the homes of the reader’s past well up in his imagination.

She accesses the nourishment of the imagination when everything else around her falls to pieces, and she figures out, through the imagination, how to still feel full.

Let us go forth and examine bahelard significant moments and images that make up our corner of the world, and let us keep those things alive through the power of our dreams. I had had a sensory key given to me – just as Proust was given the grace of a little cake of Madeleine to permit an instant of exact recall This book is an incomplete catalog of images of place.

LA POÉTICA DEL ESPACIO by Ana María López on Prezi

Being does not see itself. I used to retain a vivid and unmistakable memory of lying in bed as an infant in a dark, warm room and heari Imagine you’re magically transported back to your first home. In the realm of absolute imagination, we remain young late in life.

The work was digressive, but not difficult to follow. I thought this was an interesting book which started off well but I sort of lost interest in it near the end. The rest of the book is an application of this theory to various poetic images – mostly relating, in some way, to the home.


If you are a seeker in the realm of man’s psyche then your thirst will not be left parched. Sight says too many things at one time. His analysis of the poetic image is unique and, I think, quite beautiful. What is marvelous about it, though, is that you don’t need to understand most of it to get a great deal of plea I do absolutely love this book, and it became in many ways a kind of manifesto for me.

And I felt at once as though Bachelard was right in saying that ” [W]e are very surprised, when we return to the bachealrd house, after an odyssey of many years, to find that the most delicate gestures, the earliest gestures suddenly come alive, are still faultless.

Talking about what you learned from this book is hard, partially because that initial transfer of energy and excitement is the main thing. At any rate, it is bachelwrd of quotables, so I go on.

La poetica del espacio/ The Poetry of Space by Gaston Bachelard (, Paperback) | eBay

Phenomenology, on the other hand, appears to take a person’s response to a given situation and follow that edpacio to all its connected manifestations. Forgive me if that sounds either lazy or willfully ignorant, but I don’t feel the need pketica pretend I gasyon wrap my head around everything he said, especially in translation, and I think that the book is strengthened, not weakened, by the fact that the most beautiful and elegant things he has to say stand on their own so completely.

As an adult pairing to my favorite childhood book “The Little Princess,” by Frances Hodgson Burnett, this book similarly relishes its own reveries as rich ends unto themselves while also examining the important inversions of the poetic image as sustenance.

But Bachelard’s further investigation is proving a bit difficult for me. It wasn’t even the tossed words salads he threw together on every page. The citations refer to the poetic, not the philosophical.

Then, xel we could say how we imagine, we cease to imagine. Some of the best bits were: Bachelard is trying to understand the “happy mind” – the mind making itself a home everywher I’ve failed to explain Bachelard to so many people by now that I should know better.

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As an aside, I wonder if Wes Anderson has read this book; I think he would find it very meaningful, with his clear love for portraying space, color, and form, the dollhouse-like glimpses into buildings, etc. Indeed, immensity is the movement of the motionless man.

It can unravel some deep-seeded obsessions in your writing that can open opportunities for dealing with formerly obsecure insecurities. It wasn’t Bachelard’s preoccupation with psychoanalysis, although that hasn’t aged very well — the nattering on about psychoanalytical approaches to phenomenology sounded silly and smelled moldy, ppetica was about as engaging as reading about gastoon approaches actually, that might have been more interesting.

Part of Bachelard’s thesis is that these connections are routinely unlocked through poetry or poetic expression, and to me this seems a very basic tenet of poetics as well. I didn’t get the chance to finish it then, and have been waiting to get back to it ever since.

La intuición del instante. Breve acercamiento a la poética de Gastón Bachelard

The vast majority of the book is spent in this image analysis, and is pretty hit and miss. That’s a pretty thorny statement to try to try clarify, so let me try to stay with the text: The poets throughout time have used these images of intimate spaces in order to evoke differing feelings in the reader.

I appreciated the fluent mixing of psychoanalysis and lyrical criticism. Dec 09, Fatema Hassanbahrain rated it it was amazing. However far from being a poet he may be, he tries to repeat its creation for himself and, if possible, continue its exaggeration. When are we more expansive than when we are traversing our reveries safely in the nest of our room or stilling ourselves from the motion of our lives on a favorite patch of earth?