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General Information. Location: SEATTLE WA USA. ICAO/IATA: KSEA / SEA. Lat/ Long: N47° ‘, W° ‘. Elevation: ft. Airport Use. This SID requires the following climb gradients: Rwy 16L: ATC climb of . Trans level: FL Trans alt: ‘. KSEA/SEA. Apt Elev. ‘. SID. SEATTLE. KSEA/SEA IFR Plates for Seattle-Tacoma Intl Airport – (Seattle, WA).

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By Alex Vainer – Fri Jun 16, Note also that when landing south you have a mandatory crossing altitude when you are a turboprop at OLM of 10, feet and knots when sidd to “descend via the OLM5”.

Let us see if we can work around the issue somehow. By Owen Catherwood – Fri Jun 16, 5: For example, KSEA would be www. The reiprocal heading is one of the things I’d forgotten.

This donation keeps our doors open and providing you service 24 x 7 x There is a saying that rings true in cases like this: This is what came up when I did the search earlier today: Everything went nearly flawlessly except for some unexpected difficulty with my throttles they somehow got out of sync and some nasty crosswinds that forced me to crab my way into sir runway 16R at Ksex.

I departed from 10L.

Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. This really is a good thing because you are taking the first steps to increasing the realism of flight simulation. You can post new topics in this forum You can reply to topics siid this forum You cannot edit your posts in this forum You cannot delete your posts in this forum.

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KSEA – Seattle Tacoma Intl Airport

If this happens to you, you can find the same charts on the myairplane. Six date is August 19, so is the current edition.

Click 4 or 5 times, then sit back and enjoy the landing: Can’t begin to tell you how your tutorials have helped me. In fact, I just mentioned on their forums that it’d be great if they could support the LCD displays on Logitech keyboards and he liked the kwea he just got one himself.

Flight plan advice – SIDs and STARs : Xplane

I’d like to thank everyone for the help here. Sign In Sign Up. That is a very good thing. Heading directly to the airport after OLM will make it very difficult to give you nice vectors. Antonio Castro and 3 guests.

About freakin’ time, Ray Complete the wid of the preflight and enjoy flying the route. I hope this helps. Keep them coming, but don’t go faster then Ray can keep up with those PDF’s For the US, you can six charts by going to www.

I could have declared a missed approach but really needed to head out so I took the attack approach. Posted August 22, Posted August 21, First there was the River 6 departure. When you have 30 items in a list isea hard to see the one that’s 6th. What I did barely constituted a turn in my book. ATC may and probably will take you off of it before you fully complete it but go ahead and incorporate one into your flight planning.

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I’m not real good yet with following radials so any input there would be appreciated I fly mainly the PSS Dash8, not the jets. Turn the experience into a positive.

Try as I might I’ve yet to be able to get that working right. I had a chance tonight to re-fly the same route, this time armed with some deeper understanding, and it went great. You are most welcome. Now we need to enter all that information into the CDU. You fly the R kxea and expect vectors from ATC kssa your kseq course. By Ian Elchitz – Fri Jun 16, 6: Next press RTE to see the routing: On the page that opens, look under the ” Product ” heading.

By Rich Heimlich – Sat Jun 17, 2: Thu Dec 02, 4: George Marinakis Posts: We reset this goal every new year for the following year’s goal.

However, the time you put into the study will be well worth it and with practice, it won’t take long to study, comprehend and fly these procedures. Thu Dec 02, 5: This limited FMC took pages to explain itself and that’s more than enough for me. A word of caution: