Keywords – A Quick How To Guide


Like all things in life, getting the basics right is important.  For rankings, your website is built on a foundation of keywords and content – in fact they’re one and the same.

1. Always ensure that your content is closely related to the keywords on your website and that they’re relevant to the subject in hand.  Talk about parrots if you run a dog grooming services company and Google will roll its proverbial eyes and ignore you.

2. Do not overuse keywords.  We said, Do. Not. Overuse. Keywords. 

3. Your keywords will need to be in the:

Page name

Page Title

Meta description

Main heading

Sub heading

First paragraph

Alt and captions of an image

Maybe don’t try to do this yourself.  Know any good SEO companies?

4. Types of Keywords

Keywords/keyword phases  fall into four different categories

a. main keyword (cats)

b. related keyword (cat food)

c. informational searches (catfood ingredients)

d. transactional searches (buy cat food)

If you’re still not sure, don’t sit there stumped like a stumpy thing from Planet Stump.  Contact us and we can help.

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