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Ken Bakeman’s experiences with Reptilian friends and foes. View the profiles of people named Ken Bakeman. Join Facebook to connect with Ken Bakeman and others you may know. Facebook gives people the power to. LIZARD PEOPLE IN PORTUGAL An Invasive Mind Scan Carried Out by Reptiliansby Ken Bakeman INTRODUCTORY COMMENTS ABOUT.

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The Greys have a collective mind. For instance, though we commonly presume individual perceptions are sovereignthey are not. Let us take the standardised view of gravity, which assumes magnetism of matter creates a drag effect. The die-hard quest for Ken may continue resolutely, but it seems I am the only information giver dutifully concentrating on that cause of late. If we were all guided by truth alone, none of us could accept anything on face value.

Rocks would have been catapulted at unimaginable speeds as the Earth was somehow shunted into Mars, which was spontaneously ricocheted out into its current position. You would need to give more information, much more for me to assess your claims properly.

It seems that all the Greys have been genetically bred for the task they have to perform. All required fields must be filled out for us to be able to process your form. My mystery commenter espoused she was a pushy, arrogant woman who was not liked by her fellow university students. It needs no great detective to deduce the Ra concept is something the Pharisees would greatly appreciate.

Truth has not been entirely stricken from the record by the ones that exist only to deceive, so when read carefully and with due diligencethe Bible places most things in context.

I know this because I have a friend who knew the woman very well. And, another thing the Chitauli forced human beings to do, they forced human beings to mine into the Earth.

The Verges by Ken Bakeman (eBook) – Lulu

Whereas no attempt was made to disguise the fact his artworks are all signed I agree with my critic and have compiled this tribute to make good. This prescient philosophy is found as a significant value base determining all modern laws even though science, on occasions, seems at loggerheads.


They can be friendly while at the same time draining your energy. They make fantasy live. Any old tat will do with one proviso. Numerous pieces of software are never or almost never used by me. They want humanity out of the way, and take over the earth for themselves. Farang was the closest the Thai palate could come naturally to configuring the word with ease.

Unfortunately, at this time, we don’t have the means to defend ourselves over the ongoing agenda between the different competing alien races over what they claim is their property: Sometimes greater prodigy is seen in criticism and perhaps that is why it causes so much acrimony.

I followed Ken Bakeman closely and was worried about him when his site went down close to 2 years ago. Instead, I would like to bring the mythical continent of Atlantis centre stage focusing on the period post destruction of Marduk. Though the original ideas submitting the topical header have changed substantively, amply supporting thorough due diligencethe basic discovery quest has not altered. Information, doubtlessly, would ridicule aggregated populist sentiment.

Having no intention of investing financially, I cannot say whether the project has been a roaring success or an unmitigated disaster.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here And those great gravures of his make him the trademark he is. Simon Parkes met the ‘Great One’ who was overseeing all the Mantis, at least for the group that Simon Parks was involved with. They either eat human blood, or they eat that power, the energy that is generated when human beings, on the surface of the Earth, are fighting and killing each other in large numbers The contest naturally ebbed and flowed over the ages.

Even so politics bakeeman rather more complicated here because [fully extra-terrestrial] Lyrans were also the co-creators of the Ciakars. The Reptilians took advantage of this and managed to take control over the weakened remains of humanity, also genetically altering the human body, all for the purpose of making them docile servants.


In order to familiarise contextperhaps this is a good juncture to provide another background on some of the remedial work I have been doing with various individuals dotted about our globe. After all that dismal talk, I would like to finish on a progressively positive note.

Our corporate takeover was forged on the back of apathy that now vents uncoordinated collective distortion.

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They have different internal organs, and something resembling a small heart. True blueprints use template formulated assimilation as the predominant creative device. The best way to start I think is to reference my last article again. No one could confuse our styles by any stretch of the imagination.

Human beings started to feel unsafe, and so they started making villages with very strong fences of wood around them. Simon Parkes talks about a Mantis Control Ship, stationed outside the Earth, where Mantis beings he calls them Mantid are the ones in charge of everything. Original captives were obliged to know their places. When festive paranormal themes do crop up, they tend to cultivate dark or menacing forebodings in ironic reaction to expectant joy.

Infrastructures in place allowing connection with those outside foreigners were very, very bad. When kwn communicate telepathically with humans, their talk is often more substantive and they are sometimes more forthcoming in kenn information they imparts.

The movie s has attracted volumes of critics. They want to cultivate an impotent youth. A little crack in the exterior has failed to capture the attention of any Earth man, ever. What is not that well known is that the Greys have technological apparatus to draw life force from their abductees.

Differences between thinking beings and animals have become so remote it is though they are no more. However they are just the workers. I rather fancy Slovenia, but bakemah has not been verified. Humans, conversely, instinctively despise everything they detest.