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Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Judith McNaught is the #1 New York Times bestselling author who first soared to stardom with her stunning bestseller. The complete series list for – Westmoreland Dynasty Judith McNaught. Series reading order, cover art, synopsis, sequels, reviews, awards, publishing history. Reading order of Westmoreland Saga. A series of 7 books by Judith McNaught, Jude Deveraux, Arnette Lamb, Jill Barnett.

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By the end of the book, I really couldn’t stand her. A wonderful journey, as Royce and Jenny discover that you can’t always believe what you hear And this is just mere days after discovering she loves her husband and claiming to trust him. Die fighting like a warrior.

And the stunt her father and Malcolm pull at the tournament just made me wish they would all get trampled. Jjdith don’t even really know what to say. The change took her an additional six weeks to incorporate. He isn’t completely lost to me. westmroeland

Judith McNaught Westmoreland Series

Jennifer blowing him a kiss Jenny crucifying Royce and refusing to believe his innocence was the final straw that broke the camel’s back for me. Love is not a strong enough word to describe how I feel about this book! But will it be enough? But honestly what didn’t I love abo ” Why is it, that every time you surrender willingly, like this, you make me feel like a king who westmorreland conquered.


Westmoreland Saga by Judith McNaught

Jennifer is definitely a more modern woman. The juudith, and deceit, the arrogance and pride, the misunderstandings and just the utter hatred for each other, just incredible. I can appreciate that. Archived from the original on September 24, I was instantly captivated by mcnaight characters who are deeply complex, wonderful people trying to make their way through a rough, and oft times unfair world — and do it while keeping their honor and integrity intact.

After a less-than-thrilling introduction, he slowly but steadily started to grow on me, up to the point where I understood and forgave everything he’d done. Ahead of her, the formal gardens were aglow with flaring torches and swarming with mcnahght guests and liveried servants. But she is young and idealistic, and in a way you have to admire her actions, even when they are also incredibly frustrating.

Lots of fun to read. She was looking for Julianna. It’s up there near Prisoner of My Desire ; pretty close to the rapey books in my heart. Look forward to checking out more of this author.

McNaught described the break-up as peaceful and friendly, and she threw a party for friends to celebrate entering a new phase of her life. I loved the title of this book, and the mcnauyht in the book where it is referenced westmorelsnd very sweet.

Oh no, I have to marry the guy that is rich, adores me, has treated me like a princess, and is great in the sack! View all 9 comments. And these ideas are not Favourable to say the least.

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Westmoreland Saga by Judith McNaught

I wanted to see what drives them to be together despite what tends to tear them apart on occasion. If you let me, I’ll make it good between us. It started out well. She accepted the glass rather than make a scene, then she ducked under his arm, walked westmoreladn past the others, and hurried toward her destination, the drink forgotten in her hand.

Judith McNaught

Thanks for the rec muffin xx I mean it wasn’t enough for Royce and Jenny to endlessly run into problems and constant misunderstandings and manipulations by outside forces, but the needless death of Jenny’s stepbrother William in the last pages used as another source of contention between the two was just too much.

Staggered by westmorelnd abandoned behavior she was witnessing tonight, particularly out here in the gardens, Julianna stole a quick glance over her shoulder and saw that her mother had emerged from the westmodeland. Nothing is working for me. Am I over selling this a little?

She always has the perfect amount of conflict to keep me invested. The momentum and pacing is complete crap IMO.

The writing was fantastic. Was this really necessary?