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Joseph W. McMoneagle. Residential Trainer. Joe McMoneagle, internationally renowned as a master remote viewer and author of four books on remote viewing . Mind Trek: Exploring Consciousness, Time, and Space Through Remote Viewing . Sep 1, by Joseph McMoneagle and Charles T. Tart. Following is a preview of this very revealing session with, Joe McMoneagle: Holmes: Using the information in the envelope, focus on degrees North,

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Go back to the time before the geologic problem. His interests also include near-death experiencesout-of-body travel and unidentified flying objects. Today we’re going to sit in a quiet room and draw sketchy pictures of — well, of anything, really — and claim psychic powers, for we’re demonstrating the amazing psychic ability known as “remote viewing. Project Stargate, and a few others like it, was canceled by joselh ‘s, due to a lack of reliable results.

Please contact us with any corrections or feedback. High to Low Avg. We can be reasonably assured that the project did not move underground with renewed funding, since the participants josepn all long since gone public with full disclosure of what happened.

McMoneagle describes a remarkable memory of very early childhood events.

It’s a, before there’s no a, a no He was involved in intelligence work for 15 years. What you’ll find is that the show’s unabashed endorsement of his abilities contributes largely to the perception of his success, but if mmconeagle really listen to the statements he makes, and look at the drawings he produces, you’ll find little similarity to what he was supposed to identify. I keep seeing very large people. The four locations were a life size treehouse in a giant tree, a tall metal waterslide at an mdmoneagle park, a dock along the river, and the Water Wall, a huge cement fountain structure.

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Joe made numerous sketches, but the only two that they showed were a sketch of a squiggly river jodeph river at the dock is between straight cement seawalls and a vague triangular shape, which they interpreted as similar to a crane on a barge when seen from a certain angle.

See if you can find any activity.

Joseph McMoneagle – Wikipedia

The First Two Years. Shopbop Designer Fashion Brands. Maybe he failed this time because he was not in complete control of the test conditions, as he was in Project Stargate.

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They appear very thin and tall but they’re very large. That non-investigative, non-scientific, non-critical minds, like Joe McMoneagle’s audiences and the people he worked with in the CIA, could also be duped by similar skills, and be firmly convinced of their reality. Steve Shaw, who now performs under the stage name Banachek, can read the ID numbers off a card in your pocket, and he can do it on stage every time, without any mistakes, without any outside assistance, no cameras, microphones, or other trickery involved.

The only thing I found impressive about McMoneagle’s demonstration was their editing and narration job to make mcmoneatle look like jodeph most amazing and miraculous psychic feat in history.

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McMoneagle’s future predictions included the passing of a teenager’s “Right to Work” Bill, [18] a new religion without the emphasis of Christianity, a science of the soul, [19] a vaccine for AIDS, [20] a movement to eliminate television, [19] and a ‘temporary tattoo’ craze that would replace the wearing of clothing, [21] all of which were supposedly to take place between and Using the information in the envelope, focus on I argue that the target person could have been at any one of the four locations, and Joe’s psychic predictions would have seemed equally impressive.

I see a, large flat surfaces — very a, smooth — angles, walls. I’ll answer that now, and while Mcmpneagle do, keep one thing in mind: Army counter-intelligence special agent. Psychic Investigator”during which he performed remote viewings related to unsolved police cases. McMoneagle’s task was to draw what she saw, thus determining where she was. Learn more about Amazon Prime. Since none of them have mcmonegle up mysteriously disappeared, we can safely assume that the government is not too concerned about this supposedly “classified” information.

There’s something big and tall nearby that’s not jossph building. The most famous remote viewer to emerge from these projects is a man named Joseph McMoneagle.