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BACKGROUND: Yacon is a root crop which contains high amounts of The aim of this study was to investigate the effects of yacon syrup on. Yacon roots (Smallanthus sonchifolius) improve oxidative stress in diabetic rats. Instituto Superior de Investigaciones Biológicas (INSIBIO). Carolina Serra-. Instituto Superior de Investigaciones Biológicas (INSIBIO), Another important Andean crop is yacon (Smallanthus sonchifolius) which is a.

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Jump to site search. The extract was dried, dissolved in water, and desalted with a mixed exchange resin Amberlite MB3, Sigma.

Home Vol 22 No 1 Published online Oct The cell biology of fat expansion. Bacterial fermentation of FOS in the cecum and ycon colon has been shown to produce short chain fatty acids such as acetate, propionate and butyrate.

It is well established that high-fat diet impairs gastrointestinal peptides secretion, implicated in appetite control and insulin release [ 31 ].

Reproduced material should be attributed as follows: Yacon roots Smallanthus sonchifolius improve oxidative stress in diabetic rats. Consistently, body and visceral adipose weight were significantly lower in HFD SYfed rats when compared with all the other groups Yaxon 7 c and 7 d.

In conclusion, yacon showed antiobesity properties by inhibiting adipogenesis and improving the visceral adipose tissue function.

Yacon roots (Smallanthus sonchifolius) improve oxidative stress in diabetic rats. | PubFacts

Matrix engineering, using a vacuum impregnation technique, was employed to incorporate components with physiological activity into the pores present in the yacon flakes. Role of the small intestine, colon and microbiota in determining the metabolic fate of polyphenols. Inflammation, metaflammation and immunometabolic disorders. Experiment 1 After 12 weeks on HFD or standard vel, the animals were randomly divided into the following groups according to invsstigaciones treatment with or without the addition of yacon flour as a dietary supplement for 8 weeks Figure 1.

Effect of yacon (Smallanthus sonchifolius) on colonic transit time in healthy volunteers.

This simple dietary intervention appears to be capable of improving obesity outcomes regardless of susceptibility to an obesogenic nutritional environment. The experimental animals were randomly divided into two groups: Thirty minutes later with 2. The role of the immune system in obesity and insulin invesfigaciones. Please enable JavaScript to access the full features of the site or access our non-JavaScript page. Yacon Modulates Adipocyte Size and Gene Expression in Adipose Tissue At the cellular level, obesity is characterized by an increase in the number hyperplasia and size of individual adipocytes that have differentiated from preadipocyte in fat depots [ 5 ].


Optimized parameters were identified as References Supplied by CrossRef. Thus, the identification of novel foods that promote satiety or reduce energy density provides an interesting tool in managing obesity and its associated comorbidities [ 613 ]. Experiment 2 In a second design, after 12 weeks rats which fed standard diet continued with the same chow, while animals under HFD were changed to a standard diet with or without yacon, according to the following scheme Figure 1.

In this sense, natural products provide a rich source for safe and effective therapeutic yaco with multiple mechanisms of action [ 1213 ]. Subchronic 4-month oral toxicity study of dried Smallanthus sonchifolius yacon roots as a diet supplement in rats.

Smallanthus sonchifolius yacon leaves: The current study was designed to assess efficacy of Smallanthus sonchifolius roots in suppressing visceral fat accumulation, ameliorate obesity-related phenotypic and biochemical markers, and provide a molecular mechanism for how yacon dietary supplementation can improve obesity in a HFD-fed-rat model.

Others are allowed to quote, adapt, transform, auto-archive, republish, and create based on this material, for any purpose even commercial onesprovided the authorship is duly acknowledged, a link to the original work is provided, and it is specified if invetigaciones have been made.

The body length nose—anus lengththoracic circumference immediately behind the forelegand abdominal circumference immediately anterior to the forefoot were determined in all rats at as was described previously [ 37 ].

The combination of diet and physical activity is only effective during time in which it is practiced and the available drugs are only moderately effective and have significant adverse effects [ 1011 ]. This study aimed to investigate the antiobesity properties of yacon roots in a high-fat-diet HFD model and the underlying mechanisms.

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Current Opinion in Lipidology. Smallanthus sonchifolius yacona native plant of South America, was observed to improve lipid profile in rodents and humans. We can help you send a request to the authors directly. Yacon Reduces Inflammation investigaciomes Visceral Adipose Tissue of HFD-Fed Rats It is known that excessive adipose tissue expansion leads to adipose macrophage infiltration and metabolic dysfunction contributing to low-grade local and systemic inflammation [ 2 ].

Allergy and Immunology The data presented in this study suggest that invvestigaciones may act by different ways to investigaciobes body weight gain, food intake, FER levels, weight and size of adipose tissue, and serum levels of triglyceride and improve adipokine profile in HFD-fed rats.

It has been reported that inulin-type fructans fermentation increase the production of the anorexigenic hormones glucagon-like peptide-1 GLP-1 and peptide YY PYY in rodents affecting the food intake and energy expenditure [ 4243 ]. Robinson] chemical composition and use: Optimizing the incorporation of aloe vera in yacon smallanthus sonchifolius poepp. The average growth rate for rats on the HFD was At the cellular level, obesity is characterized by an increase in the number hyperplasia and size of individual adipocytes that have differentiated from preadipocyte in fat depots [ 5 ].

Journal of Obesity

Resveratrol exerts anti-obesity effects via mechanisms involving down-regulation of adipogenic and inflammatory processes in mice. Assessment of insulin resistance and impaired glucose tolerance in lean women with polycystic ovary syndrome. In a placebo-controlled, double-blind study yacon was administered to 16 healthy individuals 8 males, 8 females in a dose of 20 g daily equal to 6.

Yacon is a root crop which contains high amounts of fructooligosaccharides FOS.