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Prof. Márcio Delamaro Fone: (16) Email: delamaro at icmc pt usp pt br. Skype: delamaro Book: Introdução ao teste de software (2a. Edição). Veja grátis o arquivo Introdução ao Teste de Software enviado para a disciplina de [21] S. C. P. F. Fabbri, J. C. Maldonado, M. E. Delamaro, and P. C. Masiero. Márcio Delamaro of University of São Paulo, São Paulo (USP) with expertise in: Software Engineering. Read INTRODUÇÃO AO TESTE DE SOFTWARE.

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Comparison of program testing strate- gies. The complexity of data flow for test data selection. To support our site, Class Central may be compensated by some course providers.

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A formal analysis of the fault-detecting ability of testing methods. Communications of the ACM, 37 9: Object oriented integration testing. Unit and integration testing.


Accepted for publication in a special issue of the Software Testing Verification and Reliability Jour- nal. Software Testing, Delamafo and Reliability, 4: Visualizando o fluxo de controle de programas.

Performing data flow testing on classes. Towards a theory of test data selection. Trends in reliability and test strategies.

Weak mutation testing and completeness of test sets. The Journal of Systems and Software, 31 3: On required element testing. Enviado por Isaias flag Denunciar. North-Holand Publishing Company, An analytical comparison of the fault-detecting ability of data flow testing techniques.

Introdução ao Teste de Software

Development and application of a white box approach to integration testing. Software Testing and Evaluation.

Sign up for free. Constraint based automatic test data generation.

Data flow analysis techniques for program test data selection. A case study in class testing.

Australian Computer Journal, 8 3: Experience with path analysis and testing of programs. The relationship between test coverage and reliability.

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Software Engineering and Technology: A comparison of some structural testing strategies. Information Processing Letters, Selecting and using data for integration test. Experiences with cluster and class testing. Hints on test data selection: Information Proces- sing Letters, 19 2: A data flow oriented program testing strategy.

On the relative strengths of data flow and mutation itnroduo. Analyzing partition testing strategies.

intro teste de software

An evaluation of systematic functio- nal testing using mutation testing. Selective mutation for Delamato programs: University of Alberta Dino A formal analysis of the subsume relation between software test adequacy crite- ria.

John Wiley and Sons, New York, 2 edition,