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s M, M, M, M, and M are . Your local Honeywell Home and Building Control Sales Office (check white pages of your phone directory). M, M, M, and M are non-spring Your local Honeywell Environmental and Combustion Controls Sales Office (check white pages of your . Find great deals for 1pc Honeywell M Mc Modutrol IV Motor. Shop with confidence on eBay!.

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I was never able to clarify why the apparent fewer reposition m72844. Here’s the manual statement: Adapter bracket for matching shaft height of older motors is available. Usually Ships in 1 – 3 Weeks.

The current web page for the Mx motors is http: Images and descriptions may not accurately represent the product. Add this item to my cart.

Honeywell, Inc. MA M; M; M; M Modutrol IV Motors at Controls Central

There seems to be some kind of hnoeywell effecting the repsone of the valve. I found a guy at the Honeywell support numberwho had to do 10 minutes of research to find out how many steps of resolution any Modutrol motor would provide not exactly public information.

Terms Of Use Privacy Statement. Usually Ships in 1 – 3 Weeks Availability: Email to a Friend. The oven lined out nicely with a slower motor and the motor did not hunt.

Honeywell M7284Q 1106/U Modulating Motor

It would seem that if the motor only runs when the input voltage is applied through the control circuit, the motor could run 0. While investigating a “poor control” complaint, I discovered that Barber Colman motors this was 20 years ago used the same die cast housing, same electric motor, same slidewire, but just changed the gear train.

Hey all, ive noticed some odd behavior of a honeywell modutrol motor actuating a port valve. Order Quantity Unit Price 1 – 5 Call for pricing. All models have honrywell shafts slotted and tapped on both ends. Above replacements may require additional mounting accessories. Models available with factory installed transformer, or a field added internal transformer. It isn’t clear how many more repositions or how much more step resolution ‘enhanced’ means.

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Motors are designed for either normally open or normally closed valves and dampers. It sure wasnt easy getting it out of honeywell, I am glad you did. Isnt user generated content great! You are encouraged to confirm that the manufacturer part number or SKU matches honeywwll product you seek. This has helped, but not as much as a working valve would!

Why not an actuator where you could send the requred position and get feedback on the actual position, maybe even alter the speed of travel, all via serial comms? While calling about this issue, I heard, more than twice, two numbers from Honeywell people, 35 or 55 positions for the Modutrol line.

Honeywell has a higher torque motor, the Herculine series, in a different class. It specs the reposition resolution. The 4 enhanced motor models are MC MC MQ MQ While 55 repositions is adequate for homeywell damper positioning, it is too coarse for m7248 proportional j7284 of firing rate motors. It is a C Is this item right for you? The ideal cotnrol position was in between motor reposition-steps. Is it only the Q model that does this?

Cross Reference Honeywell, Inc. I did it, it worked.

Honeywell M7284, M7285 & M7294 Modutrol IV™ Series 2 Motors

Gas Burner Hoheywell Limited. Motor and circuitry operate from 24 Vac. Product Data Sheet Coming Soon. Be the first to review this product. Let’s assume the actuator is a recent model Modutrol IV, model M The pdf scanned, not text, believe it or not is here: Ill check to see if it has a dead band.

Safe honeywel secure checkout at Controls Central. Ive placed some calls to our honeywell people, but I cant seem to find anyone at honeywell that actually knows. Double click on above image to view full picture. I tend to go for Kromschroder GT motors, GT31 usually and GT50 honfywell bigger valves, they do a good range of different supply voltages and travel times and the end of stroke and signalling limit switches are easy to adjust.


I have seen that with pneumatic actuators. The Honeywell text, as usual, is not clear, but the fact that the adjustment setting affects movements in the “opposite direction from the most recent change” seems to be what is happening with regard to your applied changes.

deadband on a HW modutrol motor [Text] – – Interactive Q & A

There is some interplay between a deadband adjustment in the motor and its resolution, but I can’t recall the details.

You can also find answers to some common questions on our FAQ page. And since the major market for this category of actuator is HVAC, well, you take honrywell you get.

Backing off the tuning constants to slug the controller response down made no difference, the PV was clearly, to the eye, tracking the motor position and the desired motor position could not be achieved. There’s a different class of electric actuators for the massive valves used in waste treatment plants, by vendors like Rotork, and I’ll bet they’re more than willing to define honeywdll sort of resolution their actuators provide. Wow dan, what great info! JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser.

But I’ve seen first hand the effect of an acuator that can not resolve sufficient positions to control a gas valve.