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I had to get another one from this website That is the best manual for XRr.. Could repair even the smallest details. by Honda, might be done or of the possibly hazardous consequences of each ” Perform the PRE-RIDE INSPECTION in the Owner’s Manual at every. Here’s the Honda XR Owners Manual in English. NOTE: The first half is in Spanish. The second half is in English, so just scroll down.

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Loosen manual decompressor lock nut 2 and turn the adjusting nut 1. Ripped by JAW www. About a half minute after the engine 2.

XR Tornado English Owner’s Manual | Bruce’s Honda XR Tornado Resource

The headlight switch has xe250r positions: Clean your motorcycle regularly to protect the surface finishes and inspect for damage, wear, and oil or hydraulic fluid seepage. Turn both right and left adjusters 2 equally to increase or decrease chain slack. This manual is pages. Use only DOT 4 brake fluid from a sealed Brake pad 2 wear will depend upon the severity of usage, type of riding, and container.

Minor free play adjustments are made with the upper adjuster 4. Dry the motorcycle, start the engine, honnda let manuzl run for several minutes. Remove the crankshaft hole cap 1 and Little or no clearance will prevent the valve timing mark manuak cap 2.


Front Wheel Removal If this Remove the calliper assembly from the occurs, servicing of the brake system will fork leg by removing the mount bolts 1.

By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page. With the plug washer attached, thread the spark plug in by hand to prevent cross- threading. When service is required, remember that your Honda dealer knows your motorcycle best.

To adjust free play, loosen the lock nut 1 or 3and turn the adjuster 2 or 4. There is also a brief story about Honda’s reputation and being a safe rider. Each turn of the adjuster equals 1. Be careful not to touch any hot engine parts while operating the fuel valve. Install the axle holder with the “UP” mark Reverse the removal procedure.

Guaranteed 3 day delivery. If runout is loose spokes may result in high speed noticeable, see your Honda dealer for instability and possible loss of control. Page 26 Make sure the cut-out on the adjusting nut is seated on the brake arm pin.

This motorcycle is designed and constructed as an operator only model. Excessive valve clearance will cause noise.

Be sure the registration information for transmission into neutral and turn the your motorcycle is accurate and current. This gives everyone an inexpensive option to keep you vehicle out of the garage and running properly.


Honda XR250R Service Manual

Turn the air screw clockwise until the regularly scheduled carburettor engine misses ownerd decreases in speed, then adjustments. Loading And Accessories As weight is located father from non-Honda accessories.

Record the model and colour here for your reference. Adjust the rear brake page 19 and drive Make sure that the tang 7 on the chain pages Check the clearance by inserting the feeler gauge 5 between the adjusting screw 6 and valve stem. With a Haynes manual, you can do it yourself…from simple maintenance to basic repairs.

Honda XR250R Owner’s Manual

A must have if you own one of these vehicles. Replace the bulb 9 with a new one. It is helpful when ordering replacement parts. Position the brake arm pin holder 10 To install the rear wheel, reverse the correctly. Don’t show me this message again.

Inspect the sprocket teeth for wear or Adjustment: Engine oil quality is the chief factor affecting 7. When riding in dusty areas, more frequent service Never use gasoline or low flash point necessary.

Do not add electrical equipment that will exceed the motorcycle’s electrical system capacity.