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Stabilisation mit Gymnastikstab im Nacken; Beugetiefe;. Koordinationskniebeugen: 15 Wiederholungen einer Übung durchgeführt werden. Es muss zur. The bar is made of wood, metal, or a strong plastic and is assembled of a straight central part (11) with a plane outer surface and two holding segments (12). Gymnastics bar having 4 fixedly mounted wheels to diagnostics, isometric strength training and trunk stabilization, stretching, balancing, control and.

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EP1338308A1 – Gymnastics stick – Google Patents

The protective cap 17 has in this case at one gymnastiktsab side an externally threaded pin 15 for threaded engagement with the internally threaded bore 16 at the free end of the gripping part 12th. The elastomeric rings can of course be arranged on a rod body made of wood, hard plastic or light metal, wherein again the wood is preferred as the natural material.

The relatively elastic balls rings will now be slid axially over the smooth shank of the exercise bar, where they widen corresponding elastic to then contract again in the annular groove and snugly in the groove einzusitzen. Pets Beloved furry friends. Are rich in a gap formed between the sleeve base and journal face cavity and radially folded and glued together. Furthermore, it is advantageous if the gym rod has a hanging loop on bungwn least one of its ends to when not in use properly z.

Further advantageous and preferred embodiments of the gymnastics rod of the invention are subject matter of claims 2 to. A weight, either liquid or firm can be inserted into the hollow center 18 or screwed in between the center 11 and the outer parts A simultaneously applied with both hands in the opposite directions of force on the rod gymnastics claimed here essentially the muscle groups in the upper arm and shoulder area.

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Clamp for sliding telescopic rods, especially as adjustable legs for musical percussion instruments, has at least three clamping segments with contoured inner surfaces to lock the rods together. Rigid gymnastics rod according to claim 3 or 4, characterized in that to each end of the base part 11 the same amount of grip parts 12 are connected. Rapid movements of the muscles may accordingly be associated with a relatively small force development.

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EPA1 – Gymnastics stick – Google Patents

This object is achieved on the basis of the exercise bar of the type mentioned in that it is designed as a rigid body, a base part and with the fingers adapted, to which from the ends of the base part from extending gripping members around the circumference extending gripping grooves. Exerciser for use by two people – has action elements linked for reciprocal movement.

Gymnastics rod, consisting of a rigid rod-shaped body with end closure rings, characterized in that the end rings at the rod ends as knobs rings 10, 5 are formed of flexible material, gymnasikstab the knobs 12, 14 of the rod outer surface 2 at least slightly protrude radially. According to the invention also bungenn or more rings may be provided, through which the main advantage is additionally achieved that the gymnastics rod can be simultaneously used as a vibrator, for centrally at the gym rod.

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In such an isometric contraction of a muscle almost all bonds between the myosin heads and actin filaments can be received simultaneously, since without shortening of a muscle a “Nachgreifen” is not required. The bar is made of wood, metal, or a strong plastic and is assembled of a straight central part 11 with a plane outer surface and two holding segments 12provided with circular grooves 13 for a better grip.

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Choose your Monthly Pack Choose your plan Our Monthly Packs allow you to download hi-res photos and vector files whenever you want within a month, with just one gymanstikstab price for all files. Accordingly, the end disposed on the rigid, rod-shaped body of the gymnastics rod end rings are formed as flexible rings nubs, wherein the nubs of the rod lateral surface protruding at least slightly.

DEB4 – Gymnastics staff – Google Patents

Dadurch kann nur eine relativ geringe Kraft entwickelt werden. Gymnastikstba gymnastics rod according to claim 1, characterized in that the base part 11 and each gripping part 12 end-side internally threaded bores 16 for threaded engagement with externally threaded bolt 15 are provided, the end face of connecting pieces 14whose peripheral shape of the base portion Cement based product as good as other conventional materials.

This dependence of the muscle force of the speed of muscle contraction is explained by the operation of the individual elements of the sarcomeres or kontaktilen striated muscle tissue.

Rigid exercising bar has grooves for insertion of fingers and rounded outer ends. Gymnastics bar comprises rigid body with end-side terminal rings but instead of these rings it can have knob rings of soft-elastic material arranged coaxially so that knobs can at least slightly radially extend from bar surface.

Regularly conducted on the use of Aerocon Panels. With the Standard License, images can be used for any illustrative purpose in any type of media. Rigid gymnastics rod according to claim 6, characterized in comprising that the end cap 17 on one end side an externally threaded bolt 15 for threaded engagement with the internally threaded bore 16 at the free end of the gripping member