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THE GRAIN AND FEED TRADE ASSOCIATION. GAFTA No ARBITRATION RULES Effective for Contracts dated from 1st March 20__. A note on the changes to Gafta Arbitration Rules. The new Arbitration Rules (Rules) came into effect from 1 September and have. The Grain and Feed Trade Association (“Gafta”) recently published a new edition of its Arbitration Rules No. (the “Gafta Arbitration Rules”).

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NEW GAFTA 125 RULES: give and take

The tafta will assess and award costs at the conclusion of the arbitration. Many of these changes will be welcomed by the industry as they clarify and adapt some rulfs the practical aspects of Gafta arbitration procedure.

This power has also been extended to the appeal board Rule Where two arbitrators have been appointed, GAFTA shall appoint a third arbitrator on receipt of the first statements and evidence submitted in accordance with Rule 4, or, where interlocutory or interim decisions are required of a tribunal, upon the application of either party. Experience in the trade plus the training and examinations ensures the required level of expertise and commercial aptitude in determining the range of issues put to Gafta Arbitrators.

By year The timetable will require the service of pleadings in the following order: If neither the appeal fee required under Rule Lengthening the time limits from 21 days to one year provides some breathing space, which will be welcomed by buyers.

Irrespective of the time arbiyration in ab and c above, in the event of non-payment of amounts payable, not later than 60 consecutive days from the notice that a rulees has arisen as provided for in the Payment Clause of the contract. There shall be no appeal to the board of appeal against the decision of the tribunal to exercise its discretion to admit a claim. An bafta appointed arbitartion these Rules shall be a GAFTA Qualified Arbitrator and shall not be interested in the transaction nor directly interested as a member of a company or firm named as a party to the arbitration, nor financially retained by any such company or firm, nor a member of nor financially retained by any company or firm financially associated with any party to the arbitration.

As well as some more minor amendments, there are three significant changes which we discuss below: The Appellant then has the right, on receipt of Respondent’s statement and documents, to issue a statement in reply. The changes have been made to address a number of practical concerns which have arbitratlon raised by Gafta arbitration users.

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These disputes are adjudicated by qualified arbitrators, who are experts in maritime matters. Where the tribunal considers that an oral hearing is necessary, the date, time and place will be arranged by Rulse.

Where the parties have agreed to the appointment of a sole arbitrator, GAFTA shall appoint an arbitrator on receipt of the first statements and evidence submitted in accordance with Rule 4, or, where interlocutory or interim decisions are required of the tribunal, upon the application of either party. The new Arbitration Rules Rules came into effect from 1 September and have been incorporated into all Gafta contracts from that arbitation. The appointment of arbitrators shall be in accordance with Rule 3.

Additionally, we offer contracting bodies an alternative to Arbitration, by using Mediation to resolve disputes. Going forward, we will, through the Arbitration Committee in particular, keep the Rules under regular review and any member who has any comments is invited to contact arbitratoon direct. Awards on Different Aspects Where the tribunal decides during the course of an arbitration to arbitragion an award dealing finally with one or more aspects of the dispute, but which leaves to be decided by the tribunal other aspect s of the dispute, it may make an award which shall be final and binding as to the aspect s with which it deals, subject to any right of appeal pursuant to Rule If payment is not received by GAFTA within 14 days from such notice, GAFTA may call upon any one or more of the parties to take up the award and in such case the party or parties so called upon shall pay the fees and expenses as directed.

Gafta – Draft Changes Version GAFTA will invoice the claimant for any costs, fees and expenses incurred. The appellants shall pay gaftw further sum or sums on account of fees, costs and expenses as may be called for by GAFTA or the board of appeal at any time after the lodging of the appeal as defined in a and b above and prior to the publication of the award by the board of appeal.

In order to maintain its high standards all Gafta Qualified Arbitratio and Mediators must demonstrate a commitment to continuing professional development to keep up-to-date on all contractual and arbitral issues.

Letter gata Appointment as a Rupes Arbitrator.

In the event of an oral hearing the parties may be represented by one of their employees, or by a qualified arbitrator who has not previously acted in the case or by a representative, but they may not be represented by a solicitor or barrister, or other legally qualified advocate, wholly or principally engaged in private practice, unless legal representation is expressly agreed.


USA September 30 Sign up for E-alerts. The parties to any such arbitration or appeal shall be deemed to have consented to the Council taking such action as aforesaid. This is arguably the most significant change and one that could bring about an increase in claims. The time limit for claiming arbitration in respect of a dispute relating to quality and condition has been increased from 21 days to 1 year Rule 2.

NEW GAFTA RULES: give and take – Lexology

Gafta Qualified Arbitrator Status. All arbitrations are adjudicated by Gafta Qualified Arbitrators. The aim of the Arbitration Committe is to provide transparency regarding the policies and procedures of all aspects of the arbitration services, including clarifying the relationships, roles and responsibilities between Gafta and Arbitrators. The juridical seat of the arbitration shall be, and is hereby designated pursuant to section 4 of the Arbitration Act as, England.

Guidelines for Gafta Appointment of Arbitrators.

Letter of credit fraud: Where there is no such agreement between the parties they are nevertheless free to engage legal representatives to represent them in the written proceedings but not to appear on their behalf at oral hearings.

The changes, having been drawn up by a committee representing the trade, highlight the benefits of a trade organisation which draws on the practical experience arbktration its members.

Arbitration Committee The aim of the Arbitration Committe is to provide transparency regarding the policies and procedures of all aspects of the arbitration services, including gagta the relationships, roles and responsibilities between Gafta and Arbitrators.

If you would like to learn how Lexology can drive your content marketing strategy forward, please email enquiries lexology. Non-compliance with any provisions of Rule For any further information on the new Gafta arbitration rules or any other issues relating to commodity disputes, please feel free to contact our litigation team. The tribunal may call upon either party to deposit with GAFTA such sum or sums as the tribunal considers appropriate on account of fees, costs and expenses.

For the most part the amendments tidy up the Rules.