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Rev Esp Enferm Apar Dig Nutr. May-Jun;15(3) Las fístulas biliodigestivas. ANDREU L, ILLA CANTALLOPS J, PINOS MARSELL TA, PUIG. relativas a pacientes com fístulas bilia- Fístulas biliares internas: estudo de 13 casos e revisão da literatura. Rev. .. Fístulas biliodigestivas espontáneas. sendo uma verdadeira derivação biliodigestiva endoscópica e utilizando-se As estenoses e fístulas são mais freqüentes no contexto pós-operatório, em.

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Services on Demand Article. A Multicenter Study, Gastrointest Endosc. An urgente surgery was made and revealed a cholecistocolonic fistulae, vesicular lithiasis and hemobilia.

[Not Available].

The exams were normal and after a transfusion, he was discharged. Management of bile duct injuries: Endoscopic management of fistu,as bile duct strictures.

Selective use of ERCP in pacients undergoing laparoscopic cholecystectomy. A hepaticojejunostomia em “Y” de Roux mostrou-se segura e efetiva em recanalizar a via biliar a curto e longo prazos.


Colonoscopy and upper gastrointestinal endoscopy were normal. Gastroenterology and Hepatology from Bed to Bench. Crit Rev Oncol Haematol.

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Hepaticojejunostomy vs end-to-end biliary reconstructions in the treatment of iatrogenic bile duct injuries. Diagnosis and treatment of ampullary tumors.

Endoscopic sphincterectomy complications and their management, an attempt at consensus. To evaluate a series of cases of cicatricial stenosis of the biliary tract after cholecystectomy undergoing surgical reconstruction. Bile duct injury of laparoscopic cholecystectomy.

Bismuth H, Majno PE. Progress in the endoscopic management of benign biliary strictures.

Las fístulas biliodigestivas.

He was given blood transfusion and subsequently discharged. Services on Demand Journal. Endoscopic brush cytology, fine needle aspiration and forceps biopsy in the evaluation of malignant biliary strictures. Value of endobiliary brush cytology biliodlgestivas biopsies for the diagnosis of malignant bile duct stenosis: Comparative Study with Direct Cholangiography.

Em um estudo com pacientes, Ponchon et al. Bilio-digestive fistulae of lithiasic origin: A report of 3 cases. Bilioodigestivas or Endoscopy for paliation of biliary obstruction due to metastatic pancreatic cancer.

He was again admitted to the Emergency Department after six days. Routine endoscopic retrograde cholangiography in the detection of early biliary complications after liver transplantation. The haemoglobin was 8. Outcome in patientes with bifurcation tumors who undergo unilateral versus bilateral hepatic duct drainage.


National comprehensive cancer network clinical practice guidelines in oncology. Advancesin endoscopic procedures have provided alternative options ofrelieving biliary obstructions, biliodigestivss prolonged length of treatmentand rehospitalization have to be considered if endoscopy isperformed.

Nas estenoses malignas o estadiamento locorregional, bem como a coleta de citomaterial se faz pela ecoendoscopia setorial.

[Biliodigestivas fistulas].

The CT had revealed a dilatation of intra and extra hepatic biliary tree and aerobilia. Long-term results of endoscopic drainage of common bile duct strictures in chronic pancreatitis. The upper gastrointestinal endoscopy revealed gastric and duodenal fjstulas and blood. Temporary placement of covered self-expandable metal stents in benign biliary strictures: Services on Demand Journal.