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Few books fulfil the promise of their titles so graphically as Filth by Irvine Welsh says Alan Taylor (9 August ). Yes, things are going badly for this utterly corrupt tribune of the law, but in an Irvine Welsh novel nothing is ever so bad that it can’t get a whole lot worse. Filth. Irvine Welsh, Author W. W. Norton & Company $ (p) ISBN Welsh begins with a detective’s investigation into a murder–the death of a Ghanaian.

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As we hear Bruce’s traumatic origins narrated by the self-conscious tapeworm swimming through our misogynistic anti-hero’s bellyhe becomes less of an amoral Dracula and more like a miserable Frankenstein’s Monster. With Christmas creeping slowly toward him, his loneliness drives him to listen to Deep Purple and Phil Collins Dire Straits is what he should be listening to.

My friend and neighbour, Tom Stronach, a professional footballer and a fanny-merchant extraordinaire, knows filtu about that. The worm knows his roots in the age-old way that those who stay behind in Scotland are apt to cut down those who have gone away and believe they have made it in the great metropolises.

I bite into my sausage roll. I’ve been fucking busy and he’s told me to be here, not asked, mind you, told. I loved the humor and Bruce was so relateable to me and my type of humor but sort of over-the-top in his slurs towards many controvercial subjects which only made me giggle,tsk and shake my head.

Thanks for telling us about the problem. The Acid House Wedding Belles Deep in the storyline though, was an utterly captivating, yet tragic story of a man loosing his mind to drugs, mental illness and grief.

He was found on Playfair Steps at around five o’clock this morning by council refuse workers. Welsh experiments with intestinal worms. Sorry Toalie, but it’s not the Bruce Robertson style. There are several reasons why I will never forget this book.


The media sensitive murder investigation of a black tourist might cause some trouble, but that’s not going to stop him enjoying his week holiday of drinking and whoring in the ‘Dam! Telling you the most brilliant thing about this novel would spoil the whole thing. Use the HTML below. Amanda, Toal gestures to that silly wee lassie Amanda Drummond, who’s doing all that she’s good for, a psuedo-clerical job, dishing oot copies of the description.

Other Sites Irvine Welsh’s Website. Norton US Publication date. At the end of the book, Robbo’s suicide seems to be a petty way of getting back at his ex-wife.

Filth (novel) – Wikipedia

Sometime before the beginning of the story Carole has gone away filt spend some time with her Mum, who’s back in Scotland, and Bruce is on his own. But surely, had he known about it, alone, and at that time in the morning, he’d have thought twice about climbing it.

Assuming that was the case, folth route he took to get there was interesting. As many said before me the book perfectly corresponds to the title; filth. As the novel progresses, Bruce’s mental health begins to deteriorate; it is revealed that he vilth from drug addiction and bipolar disorderwhich, along with his inability to form meaningful, trust-based relationships, are exacerbated by latent, unresolved psychological problems caused by childhood abuses.

He’s waving it away ostentatiously and he thinks it’s fucking Toal!

Thieving, rape, drugs. And that’s just the police

They’re just a form of self-defense, because at his deep core, Bruce is a good man. And how Bruce and the tapeworm slowly were submerging until the tapeworm got louder until both ineviteablye died was brilliant in the overall feeling of human waste taking over.

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A story irviine loss told through abuse, consumption, self loathing and Tapeworms. There was weird sex, masturbating, murder, drugs. Given half a chance, he steals from old ladies, rapes young girls and puts substances up his nose which will not clear his sinuses. His actions are awe-inducing in their maliciousness.

His performance is not acting. From the moment he struts into his onstage office, briefcase and brown paper bag in hand, lays his first fart and offers advice on how to escape the smell, Tam Dean Burn disappears into the skin and loathsome psyche of Detective Sergeant Bruce Robertson. Goofs In the bedroom at Ocky’s flat, Bruce lifts the inhaler and the dark blue cap is on, but he immediately snaps it up and takes a puff without removing the cap.

However, through Welsh’s horrific but poignant stream-of-c ‘Filth’ sucks you deep into the disturbed, poetic, perverted, brilliant and fevered brain of Detective Sargent Bruce ‘Robbo’ Robertson. Frequently Asked Questions Q: Retrieved from ” https: This is Toal we are talking about here. Most times, in any organisation, it’s expedient not to acknowledge their existence.

Can you say “Gimmick”?

This assailant did this repeatedly, caving in the man’s skull and driving the implement into his brain. Mar 30, Steven Stennett rated it really liked it. Start your free trial. And when he does, the Robertson household is gonna be one big, wellsh family again. It’s like the fitba, you have to time your runs.

All he could see was a sad, little boy who seemed incapable of being loved by anyone. A sequel, Crimewas published in