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Final Fantasy VII – PDF Guides Download file – Walkthrough + Guide Download file – Accessory Guide Download file – Armor Guide. For each Optional Quest you’ll find a quick list of the rewards that episode has to offer, a detailed walk-through, and complete strategies for. This Guide will cover All Boss Strategies, The Whole Story, Sidequests, Limit Breaks, Ultimate Weapons, Useful Materia Combinations.

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Final Fantasy VII Side Quests: The Kalm Traveler –

The play is one of the most humoous parts of the game. The first is located on a small pennisula near Wutai.

This is very difficult to reach, since you need to breed a Gold Chocobo. If there is no room fg7 the stables by the time the player acquires the gold chocobo from the Kalm Traveler, the chocobo will stay at his house and the player can come back later for it.

A full list of the trophies that you can obtain can be found in the Trophies Section.

Kalm traveler

Meteor and the Shinra. From the dragons that appear guidsbook the trip into the Makou Pit. Head trough here, take the narrow passage and a left into an underwater cave. The boss is pretty easy if you’re prepared but he does always get a back attack.


Guide the ship along the west wall to the south until you find another opening. You have to fight him a number of times.

Level 5 Death Magic Points Needed: When you do, choose the bottom option to cast this spell on yourself. I recomment put on the Catapults and stone Throwtowers near the top of the hill and the Defenders, Attackers and Fighters near the bottom so they can be guideook up by added projectile power.

Both the Earth Harp and the Desert Rose are unique items that the player may wish to conserve, being that only one of either exists in the game normally. Use the map and the screenshot below to help you find it:. You can trade a Guide Book for an Underwater Materia which removes a timer with a time limit on for the battle against Emerald Weapon. Enemies with levels multiple to 5 will be killed instantly.

What can you do with the Guide Book? – Final Fantasy VII Answers for PC – GameFAQs

As luck would have it, most mastered materia sells for 1 million or more. One random friend or enemy is instantly killed. You can go back to the underground waterfall and get the new items. Then, head to Bone Village, and choose to dig for “good guiebook Placing workers, they shoud all point near a jagged piece of metal extruding the ground near the entrance.

You will have to undergo several fights as you make your way to the front of the train. Later on he will accept trades with the player for three items he is searching for: Wait for the Turksto leave and search the decrepit machinery.


Final Fantasy VII – PDF Guides

Cloud – Ultimate Weapon. When ready, save your game and get supplies and head to the Narval Base at Junon Harbor. Inside it you will find the key of the Ancients on the floor.

Pandora’s Box Magic Points Needed: Roulette Magic Points Needed: It is a very lacklustre prize, which means that defeating Ruby Weapon is really just for fun. Plant monsters that are located on the very end of the Westernmost Continent in the dark green area.

Sephiroth is outraged about his past and says that he is going to find his mother. There are only guiidebook few things required; time, some luck and a massive amount of gil. When you enter the theater area, the announcer will say you are the th couple to enter, so you have to be in a play.

Learning the level 4 limit breaks are more difficult.