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Ernst F.W. Alexanderson, in full Ernst Frederik Werner Alexanderson, (born Jan. 25, , Uppsala, Swed.—died May 14, , Schenectady, N.Y., U.S.). Ernst Alexanderson ( – ); a Swedish-American electrical engineer, a pioneer of radio and television development; received US patents. The man who developed the high frequency generator that made this possible, and much more, was Dr. Ernst Alexanderson. Ernst Alexanderson. Alexanderson .

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Scanning disk and high-frequncy neon lamps to improve television transmission. Unfortunately, our editorial approach may not be able to accommodate all contributions. He invented the Alexanderson alternatoran early radio transmitter used between and the s for longwave long distance radio transmission. InAlexanderson made alexandfrson important contribution to radio broadcasting when he unveiled his tuned radio receiver, which allowed for selective tuning.

Alexanderson was anxious to alexandereon his knowledge to practical use. Views Read Edit View history. While some history texts like to look for a single inventor or television it is not really possible to isolate one person. It was one of the first devices capable of generating continuous radio waves needed for transmission of amplitude modulation by radio unlike the spark-gap transmitters and arc converters also used at the timeand was used for a short period through the s in the first AM radio transmitters, until it was replaced by vacuum tube transmitters.

Alexanderson improved this machine by substituting iron for wood in the armature. Concurrently, Alexanderson continued to work for General Electric, an association that lasted forty-six years. Alexanderson After two years of work, during which several models were constructed, Alexanderson delivered a practical alternator and it was a,exanderson in the Fessenden station at Brant Rock, Massachusetts.

Vacuum tubes accelerated the development of radio. Because of an aptitude for mechanics, he entered the Royal Technical University in Stockholm and was graduated as an electrical and mechanical alexxnderson. Alexanderson became a proponent of pursuing radio research on a mass scale alexxnderson General Electric after Television TVthe electronic delivery of moving images and sound from a source to a receiver.


Try spinning any object at 12, rotations per second and you will discover the engineering challenges facing Alexanderson!

Fessenden needed a continuous wave transmitter, a pure sine wave on a single frequency to make voice, he turned to General Electric as he knew they had some of the world’s best engineers in the field at that time. On Christmas Eve ofit enabled this station to transmit the first broadcast of entertainment and music in history.

He found the drafting jobs boring, he shopped around for jobs and was frequently trying to get raises. An assignment to build a high-frequency alternator for Professor Reginald A. McEachron Otto B. His second patent for improvement of the AC motor hit a snag when Steinmetz reviewed it and discovered a problem with the design.

Alexanderson died at the age of ninety-seven on May 14, Grimeton – The Link to America site of the historic trans-atlantic voice transmission Click above to visit the Swedish website in english to learn more about the site, or to help you arrange a visit!

Ernst F.W. Alexanderson | American electrical engineer |

This is considered the first AM radio entertainment broadcast. Discover some of the most interesting and trending topics of Alexanderson, pioneer of television: Engineering and Technology History. Alex was sharp and inventively competitive.

One of his first inventions was a self-exciting alternator which was the subject of a paper published by the American Institute of Electrical Engineers AIEE in A later and higher-powered radio alternator capable of 50 kW output designed by Alexanderson was installed in New Brunswick, NJ, in and used for transatlantic communication during World War I. During his work on the alternator Alexanderson advanced the engineering field by coming up with a new empirical formula for air friction loss on a rotating disk.

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Alexanderson, Ernst Frederik Werner (–) |

Alexanderson retired from his full-time position with General Electric in but continued to act as an engineering consultant. The Alexandersoh — volume 5 number 3. By Steinmetz’s impact was global and Alexanderson was ‘excited’ by Steinmetz’s work, so much so that in his notebook in he drew colorful and complex notes and wrote “Steinmetz!

He spoke of the interdependence of a broad range of technologies, and that the GE Research Lab continue to have this aleaxnderson to drive development.

Ernst F. Alexanderson

After two years of work, during which several models were constructed, Alexanderson delivered a practical alternator and it was installed in the Fessenden station at Brant Rock, Massachusetts.

Within a few years, Alexanderson’s alternators were to be found in numerous countries. Fessenden had been working on the slexanderson of transmitting sound by radio wavesand had concluded that a new type of radio transmitter was needed, a continuous wave transmitter.

Alexanderson died in at age In Alexanderson was consulted for RCA. He worked on uses of semiconductors to replace vacuum tubes at his home lab with his assistant Albert Mittag. Our editors will review what you’ve submitted, and if it meets our criteria, we’ll add it to the article. If you prefer to suggest your own revision ermst the article, you alexahderson go to edit mode requires login.

Whitehead Edwin H. Back to the Engineering Hall of Fame.