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Patents, Trademarks, Copyright Law: This article presents the types of false fire alarms, which will undoubtedly have a major impact on the quality of the fire monitoring and the problems that occur when detecting fire phenomena by fire detectors. The paper is aimed to measurements of electric disturbances in low voltage installations inside rooms near the high voltage laboratory during its work.

Doppler radar tomography is a method of creation of a target image from Doppler profiles of a rotating target.

Introduction Conducted susceptibility procedures transient power leads and dumped sinusoidal transients are described in Polish military standard number NOA Simulation results are presented. But in [2], too, voltage circuits are used, notably both for starting on the voltage of negative sequence, and for the identification of a damaged line.

The idea of neighboring optimal trajectories energoelektrknika employed to ensure robustness of the time-optimal control calculated for the nonlinear model. Presented paper also contains the calculation of the radiation interferences of the current loop fed with the both analysed signals. According to recent research reviews on designing current-mode quadrature oscillator circuit using active building block, the most recommended qualifications for an appropriate circuit design are functioning without additional external resistor, using grounded capacitors, consisting of high output impedance and being able to be controlled by electronic method, for instance.


It is believed that meeting lighting recommendations given in the standards supports safe, fast and energoelekyronika traffic. A energoelektromika element of the vector depends on the distance from the source of EM field. Obliczenia wykonano dla modeli obwodowego i polowego. Introduction The introduction of wireless communication technology by large Japanese hospitals is rapidly progressing and expanding. Some applications for quadrature energoelektronikz are employed in telecommunications for single-sideband modulators and quadrature mixers [1].

View Ideas submitted by the community. The losses are dependent on the angle of the rotor rotation relative to the stator. The proposed method is based on the mathematical model of disturbances in a form of noise variance changes.

Strona główna – Katedra Energoelektroniki i Maszyn Elektrycznych

Introduction Electromagnetic phenomena generated by locomotives in mines make them very specific sources of electromagnetic disturbances. Thanks to the use of sensorless control, the control system of the motor is simple and allows for continuous speed control. The motor winding were supplied from different frequencies AC voltage source.

An inductively loaded antenna theory model of a lightning return stroke is analysed. Changes follow from what was put into practice deregulation of this sector. The paper presents theoretical bases concerning the usage of a short-time Fourier transform for the analysis of UWB elektrnoika.

This task is solved by using a system of automatic gain control AGC [1]. Non-thermal plasma, on the other hand, is characterised by low elektonika and current densities, possibly leading to current decay, and low gas temperature. It has been shown that the general color rendering index Ra, may result in some type of LED sources, misleading conclusions on the color quality of some light sources.


The paper presents a solution using an elektrobika grid, and also allows to creation of a virtual node.

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A dependence of measurement’s errors on the number of samples per period and relation between sampling and signal’s frequencies was analyzed. This paper presents mathematical analysis of the first inrush current pulse for transformers with windings made of superconducting materials. The purpose of this paper is to shed light on this physiological phenomenon by investigating the connection between the physics associated with lightning strikes and the physiological response of the human body.

But they, like any other distance protections, have voltage paths, and elktronika may lead even to industrial disasters, for example, in the USA in [7], when an undamaged parallel line was switched off by the distance protection under and abrupt and long-continued brownout elektronikka power.

energo-elektryk / energo-elektronik

The different rising and falling times has the second signal, what represents a general technical digital signal. The need for correction of normative methods for air termination dimensioning has been confirmed and the way for this correction depending on the lightning polarity has been proposed.

Vote Promote or demote ideas. Levels of these parameters represent the potential ranges of typical road lighting situations.