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José Saramago narra el insólito viaje del elefante Salomón a través de la Europa del siglo XVI. Una aventura épica llena de humanidad, humor y sabiduría. El viaje del elefante (Spanish Edition) [José Saramago] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A mediados del siglo XVI el rey Juan III ofrece a. Buy El Viaje Del Elefante by Jose Saramago from Amazon’s Fiction Books Store. Everyday low prices on a huge range of new releases and classic fiction.

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Is this, his last novel before he died inanother case of the Nobel Curse, where you never write another decent work after you get the big one?

His send up of the Catholic Church, its cynicism and hypocrisy is quite amusing and is by itself worth the price of the book. When Saramago’s narrative reaches the Brenner pass, he begins to discuss the difficulties of descriptive writing, fiaje says: The result is this book.

El Viaje Del Elefante by José Saramago

The end is both picaresque and that of a fairy tale. It’s a shame that photography had not yet been invented viajje the sixteeth century, because the solution would have been easy as pie, we would simply have included a few photos from the period, especially if taken from a helicopter and readers would then have every reason to consider themselves amply rewarded and to recognize the extraordinary informative nature of our enterprise.

This novel was relentlessly linear. Lists with This Book.

elefahte It must be said that history dek always selective, and discriminatory too, selecting from life only what society deems to be historical elefamte scorning the rest, which is precisely where we might find the true explanation of facts, of things, of wretched reality itself. As I read about the passage of the archduke and his cortege in their passage through the snowy Alps I was filled with foreboding.

Then you start to get bored and doze off for about pages in the middle, and then you ‘wake up’ again, start joae attention, and read the fantastic ending, and wonder how you got there in the first place. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Even though I enjoyed it overall, I did find myself occasionally wishing he would get back to the point again, much like a grandson may feel about his overly verbose grandfather.


Saramago wrote this book quite late eo his life and I wondered if he had doubts or regrets about what he had achieved in his writing career or if he worried about the security of his position as the leading Portuguese writer of the twentieth century. I didn’t wonder for long, as he went on to say: I do not like such writing. Her intonations were perfect. Here is a wonderful story, especially, I think, if you have a deep connection to animals.

El Viaje Del Elefante

Sentences were just added together with no cumulative effect, dynamism or creative tension. Maximillian arrogantly r This is the story of the book. In the final analysis ‘The Elephant’s Journey’ feels like a fable, a story told and retold so many times that its more fanciful notes fit right in with the elements of realism, and a moral sensibility that holds true from beginning to end. The elephant’s journey from Lisbon to Vienna was witnessed and remarked upon by scholars, historians, and ordinary people.

To be more explicit, it is a book of ironic satire. Soooooo swramago, I figured the narrator of this audio book could do the reading for me! I hope I’m spared his fate.

All suggestions, my Goodreads friends, are welcome. Yet there was no apparent need for this longevity. In fact, I was going to go for the third star but when I looked at what rating I had given the other six Saramago books I’ve readI had to knock it down to two, as I definitely liked The Cave better and that only got three.

View all 22 comments. If nothing else, Saramago still makes his books into journeys, wandering, but they never stay lost for long.

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Or, somewhat more tediously, scroll through the list of 86 editions to find the right one. It is worth paying a nose more for the audio version than struggling through the written, never ending sentences.

dl Saramago is very good at inventing keys, and with them, he opens a succession of doors in the narrative; I imagine him blithely doing the same throughout his life. A fine one to finish a year of reading on. Help me decide which of his novels to read next!

It would certainly seem so but this is jse. Refresh and try again. Maximillian arrogantly renames the elephant from Solomon to Suleiman and the mahout to an inappropriate “Fritz”. If I had had to struggle through the reading myself, I am sure I would have given it less stars!

In the middle of the story he may take a few sentences to ruminate whimsically about the nature of royalty or the use of specific language or even his own role in the narrative itself.

Knowing it will not spoil the enjoyment of it one whit, if you do choose to read it. Even though he has at least one more book to offer us after this one, there was a passage near the end of The Elephant’s Journey that seemed particularly fitting to me. One bit of interesting subtext occurs when the Archduke and his cortege make their way through the dangerous Brenner Pass. I chose to listen to this book because it does not employ the normal rules of punctuation.

Saramago uses a run on sentence style, stringing long passages together with commas, and disdaining standard capitalization. Saramago was both a Communist and a famous atheist. The narrator was excellent.