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The answer is both simple and difficult at the same time, be-. 5 John Locke: Dve rasprave o vladi, knjiga II, NIP Mladost, Ideje, Beograd, , str. 91 (Two Tracts . Ključni elementi liberalne demokratije u njegovom najznačajnijem delu Dve rasprave o vladi, izloženi su u tekstu, koji je nastao godine u okviru. Četiri ogleda o slobodi The Liberty of thr Ancients compared whith that of the Modern. Jan Locke, John () Dve rasprave o vladi, Beograd: Mladost.

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Hegel’s Philosophy and Contemporary Society.

We’ll examine the nature of the state and criteria for evaluating the state power. Herbert Spencer was one of the most famous critics of socialism and state intervention in the second half of the nineteenth century, and one of the most important thinkers of the Victorian era. It expresses the formula of absolute justice, and absolutely right conduct is conduct having no concomitant of pain, either to self or others. Grotius, natural law, international law, interventionism, colonialism.

From Herbert Spencer to the present day. Williams and Norgate – Henry Holt. raprave

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Introduction to basic concepts of political philosophy. The problem of justification of poltical authority in modern social contract theory will be also discussed Thomas Hobbes, Ras;rave Locke, Rousseau. Therefore, we’ll start from a value-neutral concept of the state Max Weberthen we are going to make a distinction between the idea of legal order and the notion of legitimacy, and after that we shall deal with the evaluation criteria for the state such as the compliance with the divine order, compliance with the natural hierarchy of being, compliance with the idea of “absolute good”, realization of “absolute idea”, efficiency, utility, justice, proletarian revolution, etc.


The subject of political philosophy has a lot in common with, and often overlaps with, the subjects of political theory, economic theory, history of political ideas, philosophy of law, moral philosophy and normative ethics.

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Philosophy and Society is a peer reviewed, open access academic journal established in and published quarterly by the Institute for Philosophy and Social Theory, University of Belgrade. The subject of this work is Spencer’s criticism of state intervention from the perspective of the philosophy of individual freedom.

Thus, in the first part of article author examines law of equal freedom, and in the second part activities that go beyond the proper sphere of government. Seminar with Geoffrey Hodgson. During the course students will have the opportunity to learn about the basic meaning of terms such as state, sovereignty, conservatism, liberalism, democracy, and so on.

About the Department Study Programs Courses Mastering the basic concepts of philosophy of politics. Herbert Spencer ; individual freedom ; liberalism ; minimal state; socialism ; state intervention. Typis Potificiae Universitatis Gregorianae—Romae.


The author will also argue that Grotius initiated an influential tradition in international law, characterized by a lack of clear boundaries between legal and moral norms.

The journal strives to cover and present key tendencies of contemporary theory and, at the same time, to encourage research in studies of philosophy and the humanities.

Grotius’ theory of natural law

Jean-Luc Marion and the Phenomenology of Givenness. Vol 26 No 2 Since the law of equal ras;rave is the basis for the construction of Spencer’s liberal and individualistic thought, in the paper will also be discussed criticism of an interventionist state and socialism as a doctrine which is incompatible with the law of equal freedom.

Science and myth in Anglo-American social thought. DavidInternational Law in Atiquity, Cambridge: London – New York: It is the law on which a correct system of equality is to be based. Axel Honneth’s Recent Works.

Spencer’s criticism of state interventionism. Forgotten Books, Reprint, prvo izdanje. Cambridge University Press, str.

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Forgotten Books, prvo izdanjeReprint. How to Act Together. The University of Chicago Press. Keywords Herbert Spencer ; individual freedom ; liberalism ; minimal state; socialism ; state intervention.