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Dual CS Turntable 33 1/3 and 45 rpm. – now buy online with ease from , your online shop for technology, electronics and innovative ideas. The Dual CS turntable is an automatic turntable of excellent quality and very easy to use. Tested and set up before shipping. Free delivery and returns on eligible orders. Buy Dual CS Fully Automatic Turntable (DC Motor, Weight Balanced Tonelight, DMSS Magnetic Pickup).

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Still made in the Black Forest, apparently. And there’ll be a new CS, too. Gary FrancksDec 11, The platter is duzl pie tin. The lack of an adjustable counterweight may limit cartridge choice, but it also simplifies setup and means there’s one less thing that can go out of adjustment.

Get the Denon instead. And then the high prices – which are completely silly, dyal one considers that the drive these models are based on was initially designed as a cheap commodity feature for integration in cheap tower systems of the late 80s. KentTeffetellerDec 11, It that’s the case, then I wouldn’t expect the Thorens to be really ideal.

I’ve never heard the Dual models for myself, but it sounds as if the OP is in a position to do so. Sorry, but that review is just about as worthless as that one: FasterdamnitDec 9, Trying to use a 2. I doubt I’d buy one new, but at 2nd hand prices and in good nick it sounds just what the OP asked for!

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Neither I nor dula else in this thread, at least from what I can gather in the responses, has had a chance to actually audition the ‘table. The Thorens TD is very similar – they both probably come out of the same factory – but the Thorens looks a little less plasticy. Not that there’s anything wrong with that I remembered that I am very sensitive to wow and rumble use a subwoofer so getting something halfway decent was important.

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That’s why WRMS results can be extremely low in comparison. Neither one has much to do with what we old-timers remember of Dual or Thorens. Really, trust me on that one: Just wants to play her LP’s.

KentTeffetellerDec 8, I then played four more LPs.

Dual cs 415-2

And it still was fairly competitively priced, when I bought it around 7 years ago iirc, I paid a tad less than Euro shipping included – whereas I surely wouldn’t have bought it for what they charge dyal it now It is delivered to your door fully set up, letting you just plug in and play! Remember convenience will supercede sonics.

Yes, my password is: Discussion in ‘ 45-2 ‘ started by guitarman50Dec 8, Very pleased with the OMB 10 cartridge and the low wow and rumble from the turntable. I’m hoping the OP buys it or at least gives it an audition at the shop and reports back on what he hears; there’s very little information out there on this machine.

The midrange Thorens do indeed come from Pro-ject, but the cheaper come from here: Oh my, another one of “these” reviews – from a reviewer that needs a couple of hours to set up a table with an already pre-installed cartridge.

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Dual CS Turntable. How do I choose a turntable? Product no longer available Contact us. The middle of the line up Thorens is Pro-ject made.

Used Dual CS Turntables for Sale |

And your guess would be wrong! Log in or Sign up. So I think the DPF is pretty much the best thing one could currently recommend to g50, if he insists on buying new. Datasheet Our expert’s words. Questions to ask before making a purchase Turntables – Entry level More advice. However, I thought the fans of these would rather prefer a table with pitch control for the purpose and possibly also a phono fual with 415- different equalisation curves to choose from.

Herr Fehrenbacher was the last factory director at the old Dual factory. Pretty much the same goes for the andjust that these Duals have a less plasticky appearance, but unfortunately also a much higher price.

If you’d like a new full automatic table, I’d rather suggest to consider the Denon DPF instead, which is almost as good as a CS The OP indicated that sound quality, while not unimportant, was less an issue than automated features which both have and a price of “3 bills” which the Dual provides. In an actual comparative review measurement the CS managed only 0. Share This Page Tweet. Whereas I can’t really comment on using that Thorens for 78 rpm use, ’cause I’ve got no personal experience with 78 rpm records.

You could try a Dualnice table, fully automatic, you see them on ebay fairly often.