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For Fallout: New Vegas – Ultimate Edition on the Xbox , Walkthrough by eolsunder. Detonado fallout new vegas pdf. 1 – GAME MOD – 2. The best place to get cheats, codes, cheat codes, unique weapon locations, walkthrough, guide, FAQ.

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Bighorners of the Eastern Virgin. Continue dftonado, and look right up on the large hill you will see a small power tower. This is a scripted event site. Kill them for food and experience. Follow her until she stops and tells you to sneak left up to the well to kill the Geckos. You should detonnado up sometime soon to level You cannot do anything here yet, just get it on your pipboy map.

Quests do Fallout: New Vegas

You can start any new game from here, once you leave the area you can change your character before continuing on into the wild. Continue south towards some distance house ruins. Finish exploring and looting the level. The vault Canteen vetas only useful for hardcore mode so sell it at first chance.

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Table of Contents

Head down to level 2, where there is much more to do. No need for that until later. East is ghoul territory snipe some if you want, great for experience. Health is easily recovered by sleeping, stims, etc much much more efficient than the pitiful healing that foodstuffs give. Freely loot the room if you want or do it later. Continue heading east, you’ll start to the the Dam to the northeast, oh that’s gonna be fun later. Legion Denariusrecompensa aleatoria.

Highway to the Danger Zone. NCR Ranger Safehouse Kill them and loot the building.

The Devil’s Gullet 5. If you have a lockpicking magazine you can pick it up now, your basic lockpicking skill should be Continue east and at the intersection take a left into the maintenance room. Exit the room and talk to LT.

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The Legend of the Star. Youll see a broken underpass ahead, and if you head defonado the right southwest you’ll see a gas station with a blue sign.


The cave system is actually 2 systems that are connected. The House Always Wins V. Outside the shack look out into the water to the southeast. Caesar Legion Safehouse Just head into it enough to register it on your map and forget about exploring it.

Keep following the path until you see a dead NCR trooper on the left. VAULT 22 seems to have plants exploding from it, mutant plants? He will let you in if you pay him caps. The easiest way is to head east first and there is a north-south detonaso that will lead south up into the hills. When you hit level 50 faallout will be able to pick a nice perk depending on your Karma.

Talking to her she will meet you on the 2nd level.