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DATAFORTRESS PRESENTS: ULTIMATE HANDGUNS. Note: this article is part of Autumn Blade. ARMS. As stated earlier Autumn. THE HISTORY OF THE DATAFORTRESS CYBERPUNK GAMES The in game timeline is not really accurate to reality; the events of the campaigns were.

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I am afraid I have never done this before, and so the proper etiquette escapes me.

Datafortress 2020 needs your help….

As for the site, what happened was, I got a message from the host that the site was using too many scripts, which I though was weird, since the site doesn’t have any scripts, then I realized that some sections of the project file still had comments turned on, and spam bots were running rampant. Hopefully soon I can get equipped again and get back to work on the site. I’m just talking about the cartoon looking ones. This city’s always got a promise for you — might be a lie, an illusion.

I apologize sincerely for the inconvenience. Still not sure about this, but thank you in advance everyone for whatever part you play in Keeping the site up and running.

If anyone is more competent with 4images than I am and wants to help, well as the song goes, I ain’t to proud to beg. Thank you everyone for your messages and vibes.

Thanks for sharing this resource! Monday, May 8, Where I beg shamelessly for donations again For those of you interested in his work it’s right here.

Unfortunately the time has come to pay the host again, and on a fixed income, this is an expense that I am afraid I just can’t afford without help. The File Project is a 4images site, but I can find no information on how to effectively deal with the problem. Will update when the File Project is restored. If anyone has suggestions for a host for large, publicly shared files, feel free to get ahold of me. I can’t even get 4images to update properly.


I never dreamed I had this much support. Please let me know if you have any trouble from here on out. Forums Official Twitter C: Go here to donate: For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Thank you, thank you all, from the very deepest wells of my heart. Saturday, September 8, File Project up and running again. Thanks for sharing OP, looks like a really cool resource especially for those who wish to dive in deeper with their character and really flesh out what role they want to play.

But I do implore you, if DatafortressInterlock Unlimited, and the Cyberpunk Archive mean anything to you, and you can spare it, please help me keep it alive by donating with the icon on the right side of the page. Please familiarize yourself with our rules before participating. I honestly hope whoever this person is, they will get to play and enjoybecause I can’t think of a more dedicated fan than Wisdom Now keep in mind, I am doing this all from a shitty 80 dollar viking tablet, and again, all fucked up on pain killers.


Can’t deny it, it’s all true. Friday, August 31, Digital Orgasm Posted by Wisdom at 8: Oh yeah he does borrow a lot of images. I’m not super fond of the art style and his website needs a face lift but all xatafortress content is pretty solid stuff. If you have any queries, feedback, or concerns, please message the moderators. Definitely not, i think a lot are just taken from the Sourcebooks, but he has a lot of real world images 20020 images taken from other properties.


Datafortress – Tabletop Wisdom

Ok, so I am out of the hospital. Log in or sign up in seconds.

I do know this So until they release me from hospital I am afraid the PDF files for the site are unavailable. Luckily, now, at home, and more lucid, I restored the site from an external hd and my brothers computer, so the File Projext, including the Archive and Interlock Unlimited is up and running again.

Alright, by now you guys have seen the trailers for Cyberpunkif you haven’t and need to be caught up, here dstafortress go I’ll happily help out, we need a site like datafortess. To all fans of the worlds largest and most comprehensive Cyberpunk fansite, Interlock Unlimited, and fans of Cyberpunk in general I do noy know if I should give a list of my noble benefactors, or what recognition they desire.

Sadly, in the course of fixing things, it seems all the visit and download stats reverted to roughly For some reason it keeps doing this thing dtafortress suddenly guests are not allowed to download, when they try it datafortress them a “hotlinking not allowed” message. But now, I am going to thank you all directly.

If dztafortress has any suggestions I would be happy to hear them. Tuesday, July 4, I am back in the hospital with pancreatitis again.

Datafortress an expansive catalog of cyberpunk lore : cyberpunkgame

Just around dataforrtress corner. Still full of fun stuff though. Between that and health matters, I don’t have much success getting any work done. Posted by Wisdom at 4: