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Conferencia de Consenso sobre bronquiolitis aguda (IV): tratamiento de la bronquiolitis aguda. Revisión de la evidencia . March, , 0, 0, Bronquiolitis: estudio variabilidad manejo en urgencias pediatricas. 1. .. aBREVIADo () Conferencia de Consenso sobre bronquiolitis. ferencia de Consenso Manejo diagnóstico y terapéutico de la bronquiolitis aguda; · GPC Bronquiolitis.

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SRJ is a prestige metric based on the idea that not all citations are bronquiolktis same. Nebulized hypertonic saline without adjunctive bronchodilators for children with bronchiolitis. CiteScore measures average citations received per document published.

[Consensus conference on acute bronchiolitis (I): methodology and recommendations].

The magazine, referring to the Spanish-speaking pediatric, indexed in major international databases: Show all Show less. SNIP measures contextual citation impact by wighting citations based on the total number of citations in a subject field.

The lag between clinical practise and scientific evidence leads to a high and unjustified use of social and economic resources 45. We have known for a while that HSS increases mucociliary clearance in normal patients 9 and that its use is useful and safe as a therapeutic strategy in diseases with defective mucociliary clearance such as consensl, bronchiectasis, and cystic fibrosis Are you a health professional able to prescribe or dispense drugs?

Rev Posgrado de la VI.

Isr Med Assoc J. Annals of Pediatrics is the Body of Scientific Expression of the Association and is the vehicle through which members communicate. Consensus conference on acute bronchiolitis VI: The Impact Factor measures the average number bronquiolittis citations received in 20010 particular year by papers published in the journal during the two receding years.

Table 1 shows the general characteristics of the patients and the comparisons between the two groups according to the treatment they received, and we saw that there were no significant differences between them.

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Subscribe to our Newsletter. AB may be one of the most widely studied pathologies in children, with numerous clinical practice guidelines and expert group recommendations addressing the condition 23yet despite all the published information there is no consensus on how to provide treatment for this group of patients. Considering the prevalence of AB, and its social and economic repercussions, we should emphasise the need to carry out studies on this subject in the future.

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In their studies, Luo Z, et al. Cochrane Database Syst Rev.

The authors declare that they had no conflict consendo interests when it came to preparing and publishing this paper. The outcome measures selected in each case were different, and consequently the results obtained from hospitalised patients cannot be extrapolated to outpatient services and vice versa, which means that there is a setting-related bias that, of course, is also present in our study.

Inf Ter Sist Nac Salud.

Table 3 shows the results obtained in relation to the presence or absence of respiratory syncytial virus RSV in the nasopharyngeal aspirates. The commonly used diagnostic tests are ineffective in the management of the disease; oxygen saturation measurement is considered necessary only in the initial assessment or to monitor changes in patients with respiratory distress.

You can change the settings or obtain more information by clicking here. Apart from oxygen therapy, fluid therapy, aspiration of secretions and ventilation support, few treatment options will be beneficial.


Annals of Pediatrics is the Body of Scientific Expression of the Association and is the vehicle bronqiolitis which members communicate. Show all Show less. Inhalation of hypertonic saline aerosol enhances mucociliary clearance in asthmatic and healthy subjects. The Spanish Association of Pediatrics has as one of its main objectives the dissemination of rigorous and updated scientific information on the different areas of pediatrics.

[Consensus conference on acute bronchiolitis (I): methodology and recommendations].

In the studies done with ambulatory patients, the outcome measures used to assess the efficacy of the treatment consisted in evaluating the brlnquiolitis of consenxo following its application, and in quantifying the reduction in hospital admissions. Nebulised hypertonic saline significantly decreases length of hospital stay and reduces symptoms in children with bronchiolitis. Treatment of acute bronchiolitis. Reference of this article.: Effect of inhaled hypertonic saline on hospital admission rate in children with viral bronchiolitis: Mandelberg A, Amirav I.


We expressed the basic data in means and standard deviations for quantitative variables, and in frequencies and percentages in the case of qualitative variables.

AB is characterised by an acute inflammation of the terminal bronchioles, with airway oedema and mucus plugging being the predominant pathological features, which is why any therapeutic approach that can decrease these alterations and improve secretion clearance can be beneficial 6. Nebulized hypertonic saline treatment in hospitalized children with bronquiolitiis to severe viral bronchiolitis. Heliox and non-invasive ventilation techniques could be used in cases with respiratory failure, methylxanthine in patients with apnea and surfactant in intubated critically ill patients.

CiteScore measures average citations received per document published. We used the Mann-Whitney U test for comparing conseneo variables after finding that they did not fit a normal distribution Kolmogorov-Smirnov test.

Only in moderate-severe bronchiolitis would it be justified to test a treatment with inhaled bronchodilators salbutamol or epinephrine with or without hypertonic saline solution. We ought to emphasise that these results cannot be extrapolated to ambulatory patients, who at that level of care do not require oxygen therapy.

Conferencia de Consenso sobre bronquiolitis aguda VI: Thus far, oxygen therapy is the only treatment that has been shown to improve the clinical course of AB, which is why the management of these patients is based on general supportive care measures 8. The outcome measures used in this study were the duration of the hospital stay in days and the hours of oxygen therapy received.

Ochoa Sangrador a ,?? There is sufficient evidence on the lack of effectiveness of most interventions tested in bronchiolitis. Horner D, Jenner R. The days of hospitalization and the bronquiolltis of oxygen therapy were used as the result measurement.