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Comnav Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Comnav Installation And Operation Manual. ComNav Autopilot Manual. Autopilot System Installation & Operation Manual COMPLIES WITH CE REGULATIONS PN V ComNav Autopilot ComNav Autopilot. READ. Show more . Autopilot System Installation & Operation Manual v1r3 – ComNav · comnavmarine .

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The models vary slightly in appearance, so inspect the labels carefully. Generally, you close the bleeding screw or nipple closest to the rod which is now retracted. You can use this tool to change your cookie settings.

Finishing the Setup Use a boat speed and rate of turn that results in the turn taking between about one to three minutes to complete. Continue this procedure until the boat is steering satisfactorily. Some of the cookies we use are essential for the site to work.

ComNav 1460 Autopilot Manual

Many different grounding methods can be used: Use the Control Head to fully extend the 14460 rod to the other side.

Radiated interference Section 4.

More information in Spanish More information Hide information. The pump can be mounted in any orientation except with Port C facing downward. Any attempts to remedy the defect by anyone else domnav render the warranties set forth in this Agreement void; Charges for overtime, standby, holiday and per diem will not be paid by ComNav and are specifically excluded from the warranties set forth in this Agreement.

This comjav set the Sensitivity to its lowest level. If you can, use a bottle of recommended hydraulic oil and a piece of plastic tubing to add extra capacity to your highest reservoir. Check that a hard-over to hard-over time of 10 – 15 seconds can be attained with your drive system.

If you must use a tool, be very careful. The terminal strip for this is in the Accessory Kit. Place the Stainless Steel Bracket over the threaded end of the rod and replace the 1406. Press the Red and Green Keys to move the rudder or outboard motor. See page 14 for examples of possible grounding points.


Fasten it into the end cap with the supplied plastic nut, and tighten securely. Turn the wheel of the highest helm pump in both directions until no more fluid comes out of the lines.

Before you install the Feedback, move the steering gear through its full range of motion from one side to the other. The light below the Green Key is You have one of the following problems: Boats for sale Second hand boats for sale Used power boats for sale Sailing boats for sale New boats for sale Power boats for sale Sell a boat Boat rental Sailing boat rental Moorings for sale Moorings to rent Boats transport.

Water damage to the Equipment due to failure to cover unused receptacles is specifically excluded from any warranty set forth in this Agreement; and e. Disconnect the delivery lines at a low point, usually where the lines connect to the steering cylinder. The Autopilot will now begin to steer the boat along the course you were on when you turned it on.

Move the compass to a new location on your boat. Give it time to find its position accurately and turn off its warning indicators. Tighten the nuts and the stainless steel band clamp securely.

Open the bleeding screw closest to the now extended rod. To steer a constant Heading, the Autopilot compares the compass information with the Heading Course that the operator has selected. Press and hold the Speed Key. The data that is listed in the advertisement has been provided by the user. PN Type ‘R’ Remote. When all is done, permanently mount your Fluxgate Compass in its location, using four 10 5mm fasteners made of non-magnetic materials such as high quality stainless steel or brass.


The usual mounting spot is on the dashboard within easy reach when you are steering your vessel. Using both of these inputs, the Autopilot calculates the Course to Steer which will keep the vessel on the Course line. You will fomnav several places where the plastic has been formed so that a hole may be easily drilled. We promise to do our best to ensure your satisfaction with your new Autopilot System. However, if you must extend the cable: Wiring diagrams for connecting to 4 and 5 wire motors and solenoid valves are in cpmnav appendixes.

We also use conav non-essential cookies to collect information for making reports and to help us improve the site.

You should keep pressing the Green or Red Key until you are well clear of the object — and until the boat will pass it clear when back on Course. You will also learn how to select 1406 correct Sensitivity comnxv in each Rudder Response.

You have a Two Line system if you do not have the above components in your system. The vessel will turn to Starboard or Port ; when the bow is pointing in the direction you wish to travel, press the Pilot Key once. See the diagrams on the next page.

Comnav — Onnsports

Make sure that you and your passengers are braced for unexpected movement. If the Autopilot begins steering towards the Course line, you have solved the problem.

The pump is designed in comhav a way that it will keep oil from returning through the pump when is not running or correcting.