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Note: OpenStax College electronic edition. Link: multiple formats at Stable link here: ? key. College Physics has 15 ratings and 1 review. In the new Second Edition of College Physics, Peter Urone succeeds in carrying out several goals: to convey.. . College Physics. (34 reviews). Multiple Authors, Openstax College. Pub Date: ISBN Publisher: OpenStax. Language: English.

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College Physics – Open Textbook Library

General, the book is clearly written. I am interested in utilizing web-based homework systems.

I compared both physkcs pdf and the browser version. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. I am sure that the authors have been careful to eliminate as many grammatical errors as humanly possible.

It might be helpful to offer supports for finding rentals in the area or community and campus supports. For example it takes about 10 lines to explain the concept of position whereas Giancoli uses one clear and concise sentence physjcs Knight uses a simple example to explain the concept.

College Physics : Paul Peter Urone :

If a student chooses to print the openstax book on regular paper, double phywics, it is 8cm thick whereas Giancoli is only 3. After downloading I noticed that it was impossible to copy any text from the display. At the end of each chapter the openstax text has a useful glossary of terms encountered in the chapter and a chapter summary that is similar to both Giancoli and Knight.

The font is sans serif and very small. Inconsistent sizing of things like brackets, superscripts look out of colege, bars over symbols are too far just general formatting issues. It would take an instructor to cut and paste according to course outcomes. For example, the list shows that the Greek letter alpha can represent angular acceleration, alpha decay, or temperature coefficients of resistivity.


Chapters would have to be omitted or the text would have to physic split into 2 parts. The online version of the book is available free of cost, while the actual book is available coloege students at a quarter of the price compared to any standard introductory physics textbook.

With ease of making improvements, the book can last forever.

A full description of this law is far too advanced for a class at this level, colllege even if included many instructors might skip over it anyway. Incidentally, in my opinion the method presented in 2.

However, I did find a few ambiguities. Since the examples and exercises do not involve people, names and settings that might cause cultural issues are avoided. This allows instructors flexibility in choosing the topics they would like for each semester of Comments I plan to continue using this text in the near future phtsics hope physiics see it more widely adopted by neighboring institutions. But it is definitely a wonderful resource for the students and the ability to edit and make changes is of great benefit for the instructor.

physisc Props for that great idea! Selected Radioactive Isotopes, Appendix C: It is much larger than the lowres pdf, undoubtedly because of the images.

All the equations I saw were correct, and their descriptions appropriate.

The text seems a little small. Open Preview See a Problem?

I prefer introducing “g” as the “gravitational field strength” which, when multiplied by uone object’s mass see discussion later predicts the force of gravity on it. I would really prefer to see waves discussed before thermodynamics.

On the other hand, its content does not. The muted colors could be brightened a bit. I would also love to see focus on short term trainings and stackable certifications.

Truly, this physcis to be evaluated by students in order to find out how clear they perceive it compared to other texts.


College Physics

This appears on images such as graphs, vector diagrams, tables, etc. That being said, there are examples of modular possibilities as you get into the later sections of the book, allowing instructors some freedom in choosing modern topics.

As modern as online learning textbooks can be, I would hope that the author focuses on the modern workplace as well. All the topics i cover in my course are included in this textbook.

Reviewed by Lih-Sin The, Dr. Positioning of arrows over the figures of male bodies on the free bod diagrams. The reading level is uneven throughout the text, but reads at a level that should be in the community college students’ comfort zone. Each topic is introduced with a contextual or motivational section.

Luckily, as a modular open source text I can edit it to my liking. Patiently worked examples with ample explanation of each step. The writing style is certainly accessible without being too informal. Reviews Learn more about reviews.

Other than some notations that are not consistent see note 5the materials are error-free and unbiased. Frankly, I was a little disappointed. The chapter titles are easily matched to the contents of the chapters. We found that the openstax text is quite wordy in its explanation of concepts. In general, the text is quite large and would definitely need to be split up in some way. It has pretty much everything i need and then some!