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Gail Carson Levine writes her version of what happened on the Glass Hill. “That’s what we should call him– Cinderellis.” Burt this unusual spin on an old favorite, Cinderlla is a boy! He’s Cinderellis, and he has two unfriendly . In this humorous retelling of a Perrault tale, a lonely young farm lad uses his unusual inventive ability to pass a nearly impossible test and win the hand of t.

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Cinderella recast as a farm boy? You are commenting using your Twitter account.

Nov 14, Kmgreen rated it liked it Shelves: In this unusual spin on an old favorite, Cinderlla is a boy! Climbing up a very slippery, shiny glass hill is the logical solution! Cinderellis and the Glass Hill. The illustrations are also charming.

Cinderellis and the Glass Hill

The first one is and assonance, “Quickly, Cinderellis tossed a handful of sticky powder on the hill. Cancel reply Enter your comment here He wants the very best cindeerellis her, so he devises a test: Cinderellis and Marigold have two things in common: Another clever retelling of a classic fairy tale by the mistress of the form, Gail Carson Levine.


And I think his own way of naming the horses is quite unique and imaginative. I think that Marigold changed the most because at first she was so lonely. The concept of the impossible task is a motif that appears in many, many stories, ylass The Twelve Labors of Herakles to Psyche and Eros to Rumpelstiltskin. All of their lives, both of them have desperately needed friends.

It is a short, fun read and great for young readers. Well, it’s a short book and marvelous.

This site uses cookies. It’s funny and sweet and appealed to my boys, cinderdllis was a bonus. I haven’t re-read this one in a while, but I recall loving it. This was a super cute gender swap loosely based on Cinderella plus any fairytale where a guy has to do some impossible task to gain the hand of the princess.

Cinderellis and the Glass Hill by Gail Carson Levine | Scholastic

We’d love to read your thoughts! I knew that the concept of the three horses who can only be freed by human touch must reference something too, and I found a g,ass interesting Russian folktale called The Enchanted Peafowl.

Ellis decides to test his new sticky powder on the glass hill. Ralph said, “Rain tomorrow. I didn’t like how that the brothers treated Cinderellas so bad and like he was invisible. As you might have guessed, they fall in love. It also includes all the imagination and wit found in the previous Princess Tales and is overall a delightful read.


Cinderellis and the Glass Hill by Gail Carson Levine

It was s quick, fun read. The boys name in Ellis, but he got his name from his brothers by getting cinder all over himself, so that’s why his name is Cinderellis. Any fan of Cinderella would enjoy this book.

In this unusual spin on an old favorite, Cinderella is a boy! He crafts special horse treats and manages to catch three magical horses: I loved how the Cinderella story is told from a boy’s point of view. The Princess Tales Summary: I know my last post was pretty harsh on the first book, The Fairy’s Mistake.