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Request PDF on ResearchGate | ChiMerge: Discretization of Numeric Attributes. | Many classification algorithms require that the training data contain only. THE CHIMERGE AND CHI2 ALGORITHMS. . We discuss methods for discretization of numerical attributes. We limit ourself to investigating methods. Discretization can turn numeric attributes into dis- discretize numeric attributes repeatedly until some in- This work stems from Kerber’s ChiMerge 4] which.

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Therefore, parameter as condition parameter can play a fair role: To receive news and publication updates for Journal of Applied Mathematics, enter your email address in the box below.

It initializes the discretization intervals using a maximum entropy discretization method. The situation when value is 0 is as follows. In view of an algorithm for discretization of real value attributes based on rough set, people have conducted extensive research and proposed a lot of new discretization method [ 5 ], one kind of thought of which is that the decision table compatibility is not changed during discretion.

ChiMerge discretization algorithm | Ali Tarhini

Discretization algorithm of real value attributes actually is in the process of removing cut point and merging adjacent intervals based on definite rules. Once you run the algorithm, you can compare the obtained intervals and split points with the ones found on the internet. Meanwhile, discreted data is classified chinerge multiclass classification method [ 23 — 26 ] of SVM.

Email Subscription Enter your email discrretization to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. View at Google Scholar J. The new algorithm gives fair standard and can discrete the real value attributes exactly and reasonably, and not only can it inherit discretizatiion logical aspects of statistic, but also it can avoid the problems with the correlation of Chi2 algorithm.

Classification in is completely uniform, Namely, ; is quite big relatively.

The formula for computing the value is where: Below are my final results compared to the results on http: The theory analysis and the experiment results show that the presented algorithm is effective. Then generate a set of distinct intervals. So it is unreasonable to merge first the adjacent two intervals with the maximal difference.


Journal of Applied Mathematics

View at Scopus H. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Enter the number of occurrences of each distinct value of the attribute for each possible class in the cells of the table.

Correlative Conception of Chi2 Algorithm At first, a few of conceptions about discretization are introduced as follows. It should be merged. Therefore, statistical indicates the equality degree of the th class distribution of adjacent two intervals. Thus, if extended Chi2 discretization algorithm was used, it is not accurate and unreasonable to merge first adjacent two intervals which have the maximal difference value. Continuous attributes need to be discretized in many algorithms such as rule extraction and tag sort, especially rough set theory in research of data mining.

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ChiMerge discretization algorithm

Then go to step C, but if the condition is not met then the algorithm stops. And we take it as benchmark of distance of the number between two intervals, carrying on tiny move in the scope.

The chi 2 values are calculated for the revised frequency table, chi merge proceeds iteratively in this way merging two intervals at each stage until the chi 2 for the remaining pairs of intervals are greater than the threshold value and the number of intervals is less than the maximum number of intervals, hence no further merging of intervals is possible and the discretisation is complete.

Study of discretization algorithm of real value attributes operates an important effect for many aspects of computer application. Reference [ 8 ] proposed a discretization algorithm for real value attributes based on information theory, which regards class-attribute interdependence as an important discretization criterion and selects the candidate cut point which can lead to the better correlation between the class labels and the discrete intervals. Choosing randomly, 80 percent of examples are training sets; the rest are testing sets.

In other words, when is quite bigger thanvalue will increase degree of freedom not to change and probability of interval merging will be reduced. Set the interval lower bound equal to the attribute value inclusive that belongs to this interval, and set its upper bound to the attribute value exclusive belonging to the next interval.

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An Algorithm for Discretization of Real Value Attributes Based on Interval Similarity

In this problem we select one of the following as an attribute: From Table 3we can see that compared with extended Chi2 algorithm and Boolean discretization algorithm, the average predictive accuracy of decision tree of SIM algorithm for discretization of real value attributes based on interval similarity has been rising except Bupa and Pima datasets for 9 datasets.

The smaller the value is, the more the similar is class distribution, and the more unimportant the cut point is. The average numbers of nodes of decision tree and the average numbers of rules extracted of algorithm for discretization of real value attributes based on interval similarity have been decreased for most of the data. This is an open access article distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution Licensewhich permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited.

The algorithm SIM is as shown in Algorithm 2. Thus, will be relatively very small and not be easily merged.

Rectified Chi2 algorithm proposed in this paper controls merger extent and information loss in the discretization process discretizatoin. The average predictive accuracy, the average numbers of nodes of decision tree, and the average numbers of rules extracted are computed and compared by different algorithms see Table 3. Three Classes are available which are Iris-setosa, Iris-versicolorIris-virginica. But this algorithm has the following disadvantages.

Ali Tarhini On software development and algorithms. This time, merged standard of extended Chi2 algorithm is possibly more accurate in computation. It is a supervised, bottom-up data discretization method.