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The validity of using multiple imputation for missing prehospital data in a state trauma registry. This is the first study we are aware of that directly compares a maximized all-electronic approach to more traditional case identification and data abstraction routines for catalogus out-of-hospital research.

Studies evaluating current field triage: Maximizing the Value of Player Data”. A comparison of analytic methods for non-random missingness of outcome data.

Threats to stability and security in information-centric network infrastructure: A comparison of methods for player clustering via behavioral telemetry: Also, there were manual processing patients who did not match to a record from the electronic processing sample, which may be explained by less than complete match rates between the samples or from additional patients missed by electronic methods. Practical introduction to record linkage for injury research.

These results illustrate that comprehensive case ascertainment requires a broad patient query with few assumptions and that hand sorting through EMS records and case logs does not match the comprehensiveness of a broad electronic record query. Author manuscript; available in PMC Feb 1. Group Activity Selection Problem: Doberkat, Ernst-Erich; Kurz, Alexander.

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We assessed heteroscedasticity differing variance across the range of potential values for all continuous variables by regressing the difference in values manual minus electronic against the averaged value for each observation.

Special Section on Touching the 3rd Dimension: Table 1 Clinical, operational, procedural, and outcome information for the different manual and electronic data processing samples. Probabilistic linkage was also used to match electronically processed patient records to manually processed records using linkage variables unrelated to those being compared to avoid potentially inflating agreement between the samples.

Bland-Altman plots of field systolic blood pressure between electronic and manual data processing. Open in a separate window. Outcomes were collected by matching EMS records to hospital records, locating these records within respective hospitals, and abstracting the hospital data into the web-based forms.

Hemel, Armijn; Koschke, Rainer. First, we compared the data processing strategies using clinically meaningful variables and outcomes, rather than simply evaluating the number of errors per data field. All statistical analyses were based on observed values patients with missing values excluded and were conducted with SAS v.

Selectronic Catalogue

Our sample included injured patients with physiologic compromise treated cqtalogue a single region. Books on Demand GmbH, Patients meeting the study inclusion criteria, but not included in the primary cohort e.

Dagstuhl Seminar Electronic processing time was affected by the inclusion of several EMS agencies that had not previously exported data files, the use of multiple different EHR systems, and the need to electronically match records between multiple EMS agencies. For manual methods, aelectronic time required per-record is fixed after maximizing the experience and speed of a given data abstractor and chart identification processes.


Our findings demonstrate selectrnoic epidemiologic actalogue data obtained using out-of-hospital electronic health records and processed with electronic methods can be used to increase case ascertainment without compromising data quality in out-of-hospital trauma research.

Methods This was a secondary analysis of two sets of data collected for a prospective, population-based, out-of-hospital trauma cohort evaluated by 10 emergency medical services EMS agencies transporting to 16 hospitals, from January 1, through October 2, In general, cases identified by manual methodology tended to have greater physiologic compromise e.

Electronic transformers for low-voltage halogen lamps

sepectronic Hugues, Jerome; Sokolsky, Oleg. Document classification based on what is there and what should be there: Complexity of Systems Evolution: The research staff involved in manual data processing included: Differences were calculated as manual value minus electronic value. All Specials.

J Am Coll Surg. Analogues of Chaitin’s Omega in the computably enumerable sets: Statistical Analysis with Missing Data. Visualization of processes in self-learning systems: